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Oliver Park is an award-winning British actor from Bath, England. Oliver started on stage at Bath's Theatre Royal and went on to achieve lead roles in numerous short and feature films including the multi-award winning 'Shank'. As a result of this performance, the production team behind the film, Bonne Idee Productions, wrote parts especially for Oliver in their two follow-up productions - "Release" and "Buffering", both of which went on to secure US and UK distribution on DVD, as well as critical acclaim from festivals around the world.

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Dark Vision Trailer (2015)

01 March 2015

TV host Spencer Knights puts his crew in peril by invoking an ancient evil whilst attempting to win the paranormal competition, 'Dark Vision' in the sprawling catacombs beneath a remote gothic tower.

Vicious Trailer (2015)

02 October 2015

Lydia, haunted by her sister’s death, becomes paranoid that she is not alone when she comes home to find her front door unlocked.

Buffering Trailer (2011)

24 April 2011

Seb and Aaron have overspent and built up debts on their credit card. Aaron decides to take matters into his own hands and secretly films their sex life to broadcast online.