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What Maisie Knew Trailer (2013)

02 May 2013

Based on the Henry James novella, the story frames on 7-year-old Maisie, caught in a custody battle between her mother – a rock and roll icon – and her father.

The History of Future Folk Trailer (2012)

15 June 2012

An alien intending to claim Earth for his people before their homeworld is destroyed by a comet decides not to eliminate humanity when he hears their music.

Yellow Trailer (2014)

29 August 2014

A young substitute teacher escapes from her drudging everyday life by fantasizing about bizarre parallel realities.

About Scout Trailer (2015)

25 April 2015

A rebellious Goth girl embarks on a road trip across Texas with a suicidal young man in an effort to find her little sister.

Big Girl Trailer (2013)

01 January 2013

Hannah is only six years old but her mom calls her a big girl. Sometimes big girls don't go to school.