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Carlito's Way Trailer (1993)

10 November 1993

A Puerto-Rican ex-con, just released from prison, pledges to stay away from drugs and violence despite the pressure around him and lead on to a better life outside of NYC.

A Tame Song for a Brave People Trailer (1976)

14 August 1976

Gilberto, a young man from the countryside, arrives in the city with the aim of carving out a future for himself.

Tubérculo Presidente Trailer (2016)

24 November 2016

Tubérculo gets elected President of the Dominican Republic, with his friend Tirson as Vice-President and counselor.

The Smoking Fish Trailer (1977)

02 January 1977

A handsome young man is released from jail and goes to "El Pez que Fuma", a bordello in the outskirts of Caracas.

Salserín, La Primera Vez Trailer (1997)

05 February 1997

Salserín, la primera vez, candidly recounts a story of teenage love framed in the genesis of a salsa band that was once a musical phenomenon in the mid-nineties.

When I Want to Cry, I Don't Trailer (1973)

04 July 1973

In Venezuela, one day in 1948 there were born three children all named Victorino: Pérez, mulatto and son of the poor Lucía; Perdomo, son of a middle-class communist who gets arrested; and bourgeois Peralta.

Little Thieves, Big Thieves Trailer (1998)

19 June 1998

In the wake of a banking crisis, four middle class friends throw a 'white glove' hold up, only to find out that their bank has already gone bankrupt.

Noche de perros Trailer (2011)

31 October 2011

Pandemonium, the Hell's Capital City Trailer (1997)

13 June 1997

Adonai is an lunatic poet. He lives in an abandoned neighborhood of Caracas where some speakers used in the ceiling to share music, poems and news with the exterior.

Playing Under The Moon Trailer (2000)

03 November 2000

This is the story of two teenage women affected by violence and the painful journey to become full and liberated.

El fascista, la beata y su hija desvirgada Trailer (1978)

01 January 1978

Juan, before the economic problems arising as a result of the arrival of democracy in Spain, decides to go to Venezuela, with Jaime, his brother, who has made ​​his fortune in that country.

I'm a Delinquent Trailer (1976)

17 August 1976

The film tells the story of Ramón Antonio Brizuela, who since childhood has to deal with rampant violence and the drugs, sex and petty thievery of a Caracas slum.

Crab II Trailer (1984)

13 June 1984

Commissioner Leon (Miguel Angel Landa) investigates the murder of a woman in a population near the capital.

Ver a Hilda Vera Trailer (1998)

22 October 1998

A living room, two video cameras, an armchair, two televisions and a mirror: domestic daily life in a

Macho y hembra Trailer (1984)

17 July 1984

Thirty-three years old Eva begins the writing of her memories and recalls her past love-life, when she used to live with her boyfriend and her best ladyfriend.

Móvil Pasional Trailer (1994)

02 February 1994

Gyula Kodar is a commissioner who investigates the murder of an American executive. Keep track of Macabí, an ex and former lover of Mary Laya, widow of the victim.

Vidas paralelas Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Ruben lives in Cuba and Andy is exile in the United States. Both are trapped by history at opposite poles and want to change places, but they can't do it.

Crab Trailer (1982)

22 April 1982

Commissioner Leon (Miguel Angel Landa) of the Technical Judicial Police is assigned to the kidnapping of a child of the upper class of Caracas.

Comrade Augusto Trailer (1976)

21 July 1976

Augusto Cardenas, former guerrilla of bourgeois origin, goes free after four years in prison, he meets with his parents and his wife.

Los Tracaleros Trailer (1977)

06 April 1977

Two delinquents, with a beautiful waitress in a luxurious hotel are harassed and hunted by a powerful organization.

Chronicle of a Latin American Subversive Trailer (1974)

23 July 1974

1964, in a Latin American country, a journalist is head of an armed liberation movement that decides to initiate radical actions.