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Up And Under Trailer (2013)

29 October 2013

Football’s fun, but rugby – played by hunks with funny shaped balls! – is most definitely the game for REAL men! What’s more, as this superb tribute to the greatest sport on earth demonstrates, it’s a pastime that allows both players and supporters to get to know each other in the most intimate fashion.

After Lights Out Trailer (2014)

26 November 2014

The best days of your life? Well, that’s debatable. But one thing’s for sure, if this horny schoolboy escapade is anything to go by then you might need to totally re-evaluate the time you spent in class.

Shore Leave Trailer (2013)

25 April 2013

Calling all able seamen – or should that be able semen? Battlecruiser STAXUS has docked in port and has discharged a collection of the horniest, cutest navy cadets for your immediate attention! Guys like John Parker, Kamyk Walker and coverboy officer, Orlando White, whose only ambition is to seek out and engage the hardest cock and the hottest ass around.

Aced Trailer (2014)

29 September 2014

Some young guys dream of winning Wimbledon or some other tennis slam; but others, like this horny bunch of top-notch fuckers, simply want to enjoy slamming of a very different kind – namely into horny, tight holes!

Twink Massage Dreams Trailer (2013)

26 September 2013

For some, it’s just the opportunity to relax. For others, it’s the chance to get their hands on some ripe male flesh.

Country Pursuits Trailer (2014)

02 December 2014

Some boys love the buzz of the big city and the excitement of the metropolis – but not these horny fuckers! No, they’re country lads through and through.

Dirty Games Trailer (2013)

04 May 2013

Toy play, uniforms and gay prisoner sex, that's just a taste of the kind of dirty action you can expect from this amazing Bare DVD.

Open Range 2: Twinks Unchained Trailer (2013)

30 July 2013

Having established his fantasy of a range in the wilds of post-revolutionary Czechoslovakia for fellow sex-starved twinks, Brad Fitt invites the likes of Dick Casey, Orlando Bloom and Kris Wallace to indulge in a second instalment of cock-lustin’, ball-bustin’ fun! Needless to say, it’s an invitation that doesn’t get refused, as the lads from Prague make the most of all that fresh-air and need-found freedom to exercise their dicks and to stretch their asses! All in all, this is one spunk-soaked, jizz-stained revolution that never once fails to deliver.

More and More Trailer (2013)

05 July 2013

Fresh from the Dirty Fuckers studio comes a 93 minute hardcore gay DVD packed with stunning bareback boys desperate for some kinky action, and they'll find it too in the world renowned Sauna 69 in Budapest!

Paint it Bareback Trailer (2013)

18 June 2013

Expressions of artistic ability become manifestations of intense cock lust for the boys in this amazing SauVage DVD from director John Smith.

Up North Trailer (2013)

01 July 2013

The so-called North-South Divide has always been contentious in the UK; and nowhere is the alleged difference more acute than between those boys who hail from the soft southern counties and those who come from the grittier towns up north!