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Suburra Trailer (2015)

14 October 2015

A gangster known as "Samurai" wants to turn the waterfront of Rome into a new Las Vegas. All the local mob bosses have agreed to work for this common goal.

A.C.A.B.: All Cops Are Bastards Trailer (2012)

27 January 2012

A look at the controversial riot cops unit, told through the stories of three veteran cops and a young recruit.

Malizia 2000 Trailer (1991)

01 November 1991

Il grande cocomero Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

An epileptic 12-year-old girl, Pippi, is hospitalized in the psychiatric ward instead of the neurological ward, due to an administration error.

L'amore ritorna Trailer (2004)

01 January 2004

La bella vita Trailer (1994)

22 September 1994

Bruno and Mirella get married in 1989 and live in the little town of Piombino seems to be a bed of roses.

Pizzicata Trailer (2000)

11 August 2000

In 1943, an Italian American fighter pilot is hidden for his own safety in an olive farm in Salento, Italy.

Amarsi può darsi Trailer (2001)

01 March 2001

During their divorce trial, Davide and Giulia go back through episodes of their life together while they listen to a series of witnesses.

Ribelli per caso Trailer (2000)

20 April 2000