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I Am the Law Trailer (1977)

23 September 1977

The mafia has overrun a section of the country so ruinously that a very stern man (Giuliano Gemma) has been sent by the government to be the governor in that region.

Blood Brothers Trailer (1973)

21 May 1973

In this period piece set in Italy, Nicola Bellizzi dreams of becoming a lawyer. However, when he seeks the reason that people are reluctant to help him in his goals, he discovers that some of his blood relations are high-ranking members of the Mafia.

Django Defies Sartana Trailer (1970)

03 April 1970

Django comes to town to discover that his brother Steve, accused of robbing a bank, has been lynched.

The Climber Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

Dallesandro gives a shockingly good performance in this gritty, hard-hitting crime flick. He plays a hungry young buck who aspires to be a career criminal.

Camorra Trailer (1972)

30 August 1972

The fast career of a young Neapolitan among contraband, gambling dens, bribes and illegality. He will upgrade its rank till the maximum level of the "Family".

Atto di Dolore Trailer (1990)

30 August 1990

L'avvocato de Gregorio Trailer (2003)

06 March 2003

Li chiamarono... briganti! Trailer (1999)

28 May 1999

Corleone Trailer (1978)

02 January 1978

Two friends grow up together in the Sicily of the '50s. Two different destiny, two different way of life.

L'arma Trailer (1978)

07 September 1978

Luigi, a middle-aged engineer who, getting increasingly worried about the rising crime rate in his surroundings, follows the advice and example of his sleazy drinking cronies (whose relaxation activities include photographing nubile girls in the nude) to arm himself with the titular weapon; the problem is that he starts carrying – and, occasionally, brandishing – it with him everywhere (at his workplace, while taking a walk with his estranged wife Claudia Cardinale, etc.

Death's Dealer Trailer (1971)

13 August 1971

After witnessing the brutal murder of his entire family by Native Americans as a child, Jeremiah Bridger becomes a merciless Indian-killer and scalp hunter.

Gli Invisibili Trailer (1988)

06 June 1988

Claretta Trailer (1984)

31 May 1984

In this biography of Claretta Petacci, Benito Mussolini's mistress of 10 years, the Petacci family is a primary source of information -- which introduces a definite bias on how she is viewed.