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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Trailer (2007)

22 May 2007

Elle France editor Jean-Dominique Bauby, who, in 1995 at the age of 43, suffered a stroke that paralyzed his entire body, except his left eye.

There Were Days... and Moons Trailer (1990)

11 April 1990

How can moon and time affect human mood and fate? In the manner of a Greek tragedy , this movie shows how the chaos of life ineluctably propels its characters towards violence and alienation.

Bright Days Ahead Trailer (2013)

19 June 2013

Bright days ahead? Caroline has retired, at last. A new life lies before her: time to take care of her children, her husband, and, most of all, herself.

In Gold We Trust Trailer (2010)

07 March 2010

A group of adventurers make off with 600 kilograms of gold in Guyana, but when their helicopter crashes in the jungle, gold fever takes over.

Le Grand partage Trailer (2015)

23 December 2015

Tu vas rire, mais je te quitte Trailer (2005)

05 January 2005

Blame It on Mum Trailer (2009)

27 May 2009

Mady Celliers, an attractive housewife of 60, he spends his life speaking ill of her two daughters and her husband, a man who shows a strange behavior since has retired.

Change of Plans Trailer (2009)

18 February 2009

So called friends at a dinner party end up acting like a dysfunctional family.

60 Going On 12 Trailer (2013)

25 June 2013

Charles and Pierrot are inseparable. When Charles takes early retirement, it seems the world is their oyster.

The Summer of All My Parents Trailer (2016)

13 July 2016

After attempting to set a mailbox on fire, Pimpette, 14, and her elder sister, Joséphine, 18, spend their summer holidays shuttling between their secretly pregnant mom and bachelor father.

Bienvenue parmi nous Trailer (2013)

21 June 2013

Despite his fame, Taillandier has suddenly stopped painting. Deeply depressed, the sixty-year-old decides to go away.

Not Here to Be Loved Trailer (2005)

12 October 2005

Jean-Claude Delsart, a 50 years-old bailiff, with his worn-out smile and heart, abandoned a long time ago the idea that life could give him pleasures.

The Price to Pay Trailer (2007)

04 April 2007

Jean-Pierre, a wealthy businessman, is lonely. He still desires his wife but she only seems interested in shopping and the beauty salon.

Bleu catacombes Trailer (2014)

21 January 2014

Blanche and Marie Trailer (1985)

03 April 1985

A little town in the north of France, 1941. Blanche has three children. She worries about her husband Victor, who often goes out at night.

Rien ne va plus Trailer (1979)

12 December 1979

La liste de mes envies Trailer (2014)

18 May 2014

When the little haberdasher Arras discovers she's won 18 million in the lottery and can now afford anything she wants, she has only one fear: losing the small joys of life made simple it cherishes above all.

The Beautiful Story Trailer (1992)

18 March 1992

A film with emphasis on visuals and music, the plot concerns characters who meet in present time, mainly the male gypsy Jesus, and the female thief and con-artist Odona, who share parallel experiences from lives 2000 years in the past.

Les Ex Trailer (2017)

21 June 2017

Embrasse-moi Trailer (1989)

15 March 1989

Post Coitum Trailer (1997)

29 August 1997

The end of an affair from the woman's point of view.

The Children of the Century Trailer (1999)

13 September 1999

True tale of the tumultuous love affair between two French literary icons of the 19th Century, novelist George Sand and poet Alfred de Musset.

The Reader Trailer (1988)

17 August 1988

A multi-faceted film based on Raymond Jean's novel "La Lectrice". Constance (Miou-Miou) reads the novel aloud in bed to her lover.

You Will Be My Son Trailer (2011)

23 August 2011

Paul de Marseul, a prestigious wine-maker and owner of a renowned chateau and vineyard in Saint-Emilion, is disheartened by the notion of his son Martin taking over the family business.

Lost in Armenia Trailer (2016)

08 June 2016

Les cigognes n'en font qu'à leur tête Trailer (1989)

25 January 1989

Drôles d'oiseaux Trailer (1993)

10 March 1993

Very Opposite Sexes Trailer (2002)

10 July 2002

Ideally, a love story should last for life… But this is often not the case. Does this indicate that men and women are meant to fall in love several times over? Why do people tire of each other? What events lead to a break-up? If they could be identified, could we then eradicate them? Four stories delve, by way of personal accounts and illustration, into relationships that went astray before they should have.

Où es-tu maintenant ? Trailer (2014)

18 October 2014

Vieilles canailles Trailer (2010)

22 May 2010

Irène Trailer (2002)

26 June 2002

Les sacrifiés Trailer (1983)

23 March 1983

La Braconne Trailer (2014)

02 April 2014

Driss, carefree, smug and naive, lives off petty theft and minor racketeering. Until he meets Danny, an old crook who takes him under his wing and shows him the ropes.

Jaune Iris Trailer (2014)

06 June 2014

On va s'aimer Trailer (2006)

14 June 2006

Laurent loves Camille but he can’t bring himself to marry her. Then he meets Elodie and discovers what love really is – not the mild cozy affection he has for Camille but a cataclysmic, thunderous all-consuming earthquake of the soul.

Home Sweet Home Trailer (2008)

19 November 2008

A family’s secret, it’s a time bomb ! Despite their fundamentally opposite characters, Albert and Gédéon, former participants of the May 1968 protest movement, share the same house since the disappearance of the woman of Albert.

Melodrama Habibi Trailer (2008)

13 August 2008

Dans les années 70 Bruno Caprice a connu un succès éphémère avec "Quand tu t'en vas", son premier et unique 45 tours.

Mariage mixte Trailer (2004)

26 May 2004

Mille millièmes Trailer (2002)

07 August 2002

Héros Trailer (2007)

20 June 2007

Pierre Forêt est drôle et c'est son drame. C'est aussi son métier ; il est chauffeur de salle à la télé.

Hiver rouge Trailer (2011)

08 September 2011

Dossier 51 Trailer (1978)

30 August 1978

French diplomat Dominique Auphal is put under surveillance by an unnamed secret service. They wish to find a weakness in his life in order to control him politically.

J'invente rien Trailer (2006)

16 August 2006

No overview found.

Le ventre de Juliette Trailer (2003)

22 January 2003

The 20-year-old Juliette tries to come to terms with an unexpected pregnancy, despite a lack of support from the father of the child and from her mother.

All Girls Cry Trailer (2010)

29 March 2010

Romantic drama in which a young woman must learn to live with her past in order to finally move forward.

Climax Trailer (2009)

16 November 2009

Te quiero Trailer (2001)

14 February 2001

No overview found.

Aux petits bonheurs Trailer (1994)

12 January 1994

Charming Fellow Trailer (2001)

24 January 2001

L'Autrichienne Trailer (1990)

19 September 1990

No overview found.

Kennedy et moi Trailer (1999)

22 December 1999

Comedy drama about an apathetic writer whose only interest is in his psychiatrist's watch which may have belonged to John F.

Promotion canapé Trailer (1990)

10 October 1990

La guerre des insectes Trailer (1981)

19 September 1981

Netchaïev est de retour Trailer (1991)

23 January 1991

Neige Trailer (1981)

04 June 1981

This drama about a barmaid caught up in events beyond her control is the first film directed by Juliet Berto, and was also based on her own concept for the story.

L'oeil du maître Trailer (1980)

20 February 1980