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Mommy Trailer (2014)

22 May 2014

A peculiar neighbor offers hope to a recent widow who is struggling to raise a teenager who is unpredictable and, sometimes, violent.

Starbuck Trailer (2011)

01 January 2011

Starbuck is a 2011 Canadian comedy film directed by Ken Scott and written by Martin Petit and Ken Scott.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop Trailer (2006)

06 July 2006

When the body of the executive of hockey Benoit Brisset is found on the billboard of the border of Quebec and Ontario, the jurisdiction of the crime is shared between the two police forces and detectives David Bouchard from Montreal and Martin Ward from Toronto are assigned to work together.

Heads or Tails Trailer (1997)

13 March 1997

Heterosexual pretending to be gay to keep his work in the world of art, which is not without creating many misunderstandings with his wife and mother.

The 3 L'il Pigs Trailer (2007)

10 August 2007

As their mother lies in a coma, two brothers discuss the advantages and disadvantages of adultery, under the nose of their virtuous elder, who tries in vain to discourage them.

My Internship in Canada Trailer (2015)

02 October 2015

Guibord is an independent Member of Parliament who represents Prescott-Makadewà-Rapides-aux Outardes, a vast county in Northern Quebec.

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 Trailer (2017)

12 May 2017

Ward and Bouchard must face an important car theft ring that turns out to be a lot more than they bargained for: one where the stolen cars will serve as bombs in a well planned terrorist attack.

Red Nose Trailer (2003)

28 November 2003

During the Christmas holiday season, Félix and Céline find themselves working as volunteers for the drive-home service Opération Nez Rouge.

Maman Last Call Trailer (2005)

11 February 2005

Cadavres Trailer (2009)

20 February 2009

Raymond is a jealous, misanthropic, couch potato. Angèle is a sexy TV star, childish and disillusioned.

Machine Gun Molly Trailer (2004)

30 April 2004

The oldest daughter of an impoverished Montreal family, Monique Sparvieri vows to find a way to get out of the ghetto in which she lives.

Funkytown Trailer (2011)

04 March 2011

Set in Montreal during the disco phenomenon some 35 years ago, Funkytown follows the life of a group of colorful characters.

Ego Trip Trailer (2015)

08 July 2015

Talk show host Marc Morin is at a crossroads in his career and in his personal life. The ratings of his show are failing and he is losing touch with his family.

Les Boys III Trailer (2001)

30 November 2001

Trois années ont passées. Les Boys forment encore une belle équipe de hockey dans une ligue de garage.

Filière 13 Trailer (2010)

04 August 2010

Thomas has killing headaches, Jean-François has stage freight and Benoit's wife has left him. After countless misfortunes the three of them bag a white collar thief that has been evading justice for ten years.

The Boys Trailer (1997)

12 December 1997

Every Monday night The Boys put on skates and leave their troubled lives behind.

Omertà Trailer (2012)

11 July 2012

When a worldwide plot to divert gold which was placed in central banks all across North America is investigated, Pierre Gauthier is summoned to lead the inquiry.

How My Mother Gave Birth to Me During Menopause Trailer (2003)

07 February 2003

Les Parlementeries 2009 Trailer (2009)

15 December 2009

Life after love Trailer (2000)

07 July 2000

Les Parlementeries 2008 Trailer (2008)

09 December 2008

Patrick Huard - Face à Face Trailer (2004)

16 November 2004

Evil Words Trailer (2003)

03 October 2003

One day, for no apparent reason, a cop kills 11 children. The same day, horror novelist Thomas Roy tries to commit suicide after cutting his fingers.

Les guerriers Trailer (2005)

07 April 2005

Les Boys II Trailer (1998)

11 December 1998

Nos Boys sont de retour une année après leurs dernières aventures. Cette fois-ci, les joueurs de la ligue de garage la plus populaire du Québec se rendent en France, à Chamonix, pour participer à un tournoi international de hockey amateur.