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Going to Brazil Trailer (2017)

22 March 2017

Four childhood friends are reunited at a wedding in Rio. But when they accidentally kill a young man during a party that gets out of hand, they are forced to flee the city in a crazy adventure.

99 francs Trailer (2007)

25 September 2007

Octave is the master of the universe. Octave exercises the profession of copywriter. Today he decides what you will want tomorrow.

RAID Dingue Trailer (2017)

01 February 2017

My Father the Hero Trailer (1991)

23 October 1991

Veronique, living with her divorced mother, is going on holiday to Mauritius with her father. To impress a local boy, Benjamin, she manages to complicate the situation by making up stories about her father.

Love Crime Trailer (2010)

09 August 2010

In the sterile setting of a powerful multinational, two young women compete ... Isabelle is working under the orders of Christine, a woman of power she admires unreservedly.

Vampire Party Trailer (2008)

06 August 2008

Sam, Prune et Alice sont trois amis squatteurs de soirées. Le jour où ils dénichent des invitations pour la très mystérieuse Nuit Médicis, ils pensent avoir décroché le gros lot.

The Counterfeiters Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

The plot revolves around Bernard – a schoolfriend of Olivier's who is preparing for his bac – discovering he is a bastard and taking this as a welcome pretext for running away from home.

In Harmony Trailer (2015)

15 April 2015

After a serious accident on a film shoot, Marc, an equestrian, loses all hope to mount back on. His insurance company instructs Florence to handle his case.

The Jungle Trailer (2006)

12 July 2006

Vincent and Mathias are two friends, in their thirties, who live off Vincent’s father. One day, during a meal where the wine and talk both flow a little too freely, Vincent’s father offers the two friends a bet.

Opium Trailer (2013)

02 October 2013

The frustrated loves of Jean Cocteau and Raymond Radiguet at the beginning of the 1920s. The death of Radiguet that sank Cocteau into opium.

Love and Bruises Trailer (2011)

01 September 2011

Hua, a young woman from Beijing, is a recent arrival in Paris. Exiled in an unknown city, she wanders between her tiny apartment and the university, drifting between former lovers and recent French acquaintances.

Neuf jours en hiver Trailer (2015)

11 December 2015

L'héritière Trailer (2015)

03 March 2015

Bad Girl Trailer (2012)

28 November 2012

Louise simultaneously discovers that she is pregnant and that her mother is seriously ill. Happiness and guilt, euphoria and sadness, filial love and love, period.

Souviens-toi Trailer (2015)

16 May 2015

After the death of their child, a couple move to a new place. The mother start witnessing strange events.

Le Grand Retournement Trailer (2013)

22 January 2013

A Greek Type of Problem Trailer (2013)

06 February 2013

"Everything will be fine" the doctor promised Jo while she was giving birth to her first child. But, some forty years and four sons later, nothing is happening like it should be during this month of August: as she arrives on Greek soil to organize her traditional festival with her tribe, Jo learns that the latter has been cancelled, courtesy of the economic crisis.

Cravate club Trailer (2002)

03 July 2002

Two architects and best friends have a difficult time sharing an office and their troubled private lives.

Célibataires Trailer (2006)

01 March 2006

Ben, 35 ans, profite des 30 ans de Karine pour lui faire ce qu'elle n'attendait plus. Sa déclaration d'amour, la totale : mariage, vie à deux, appart', enfants, chien, ou l'inverse.

L'incruste Trailer (2004)

01 March 2004