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The Sniper Trailer (2009)

24 March 2009

A police sniper teams up with a hot-headed rookie to take down his former friend and teammate, who is exacting revenge on the police force.

The White Dragon Trailer (2004)

28 October 2004

In this swordfighting comedy, a young noblewoman falls in love with a prince of the Imperial House. By accident, she acquires the martial arts skills of the White Dragon.

Whispers and Moans Trailer (2007)

17 May 2007

Inspired by interviews with real-life prostitutes, Herman Yau's sexy but socially conscious film revolves around a social worker seeking to unionize sex workers, and depicts a variety of tawdry experiences from the seedy underbelly of Hong Kong.

Truth or Dare : 6th Floor Rear Flat Trailer (2003)

04 June 2003

Six Hong Kong roommates vow to each accomplish something daring or wonderful within one year.

Shiver Trailer (2003)

04 November 2003

Sammi (Athena Chu) and her husband Chan (Francis Ng) try to find ways to salvage their dying marriage after Sammi is injured during a robbery.

Break Up Club Trailer (2010)

16 June 2010

Break Up Club (Chinese: 分手說愛你) is a 2010 Hong Kong romance film starring Jaycee Chan and Fiona Sit.

My Wife Is 18 Trailer (2002)

25 September 2002

After finishing the open examination for Form 5 students and applying for an adult identity card, Yoyo, eighteen, departs for London to meet a guy introduced by her well-meaning parents in Britain.

The Two Individual Package Women Trailer (2003)

20 March 2003

This is a story of two women and their different ways of dealing with loneliness. Christy (Sharla Cheung) meets two new guys after she is dumped by her boyfriend Johnny.

Cocktail Trailer (2006)

19 January 2006

The melancholy Candy runs the Half Mortal, a trendy bar in Hong Kong. She hires Paul; Stella, a part-time employee who's a college student in psychology, trains him.

Herbal Tea Trailer (2004)

26 February 2004

Down on his luck actor Dan rents a flat from Mei-Chu. Feeling sorry for him, Mei-Chu helps Dan to turn things around, improving his life and helping him to reunite with his ex-girlfriend.