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Here Comes The Bride Trailer (1978)

22 September 1978

Rhonda is a beautiful and sophisticated woman with a brain that knows how to get what she wants. When she decides to marry she tells her fianc she is a virgin, dedicated to preserving her sacred virginity for the day they wed.

Visions Trailer (1977)

29 July 1977

No overview found.

Night Hunger Trailer (1983)

21 December 1983

A traveler stopping in at a roadside tavern overhears the bartender relating the tale of the local Blair family, whose women have been cursed with an insatiable desire for sex.

Swedish Sorority Girls Trailer (1978)

10 March 1978

This story is about the managers of a Swedish hostel/inn and their relationship with an American woman that visits it on vacation.

House of De Sade Trailer (1977)

01 May 1977

A group of friends decide to spend the night at a creepy old rundown house. They hold a seance that unleashes the evil spirit of De Sade.

High School Bunnies Trailer (1978)

03 March 1978

As our story begins, Barbie lives in Kansas, dreaming of what life would be like in the big city. Her secret fantasy is to become a sexy Bali High Bunnie.

French-Teen Trailer (1977)

03 June 1977

Its erotic masterwork. Based on the true history of the French nymphet portrayed by a fascinating sex bomb, Jaquliene Bardot, it will take you on a cruise to the exotic and erotic world of true sexual failure, and you will learn why their French language is called the greatest lovers in the world.

Punk Rock Trailer (1977)

17 July 1977

A private eye goes on the trail of the kidnappers of a rich man's daughter.