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Cat, Dog & Co. Trailer (1929)

14 September 1929

Farina, Joe, and friends use dogs to power their "roadsters," but following a lesson from the head of the Be Kind to Animals Society, they make it their cause to rescue animals from bad treatment.

Bear Shooters Trailer (1930)

16 May 1930

While on a camping trip, the gang comes across poachers.

Shivering Shakespeare Trailer (1930)

25 January 1930

The gang is participating in a program sponsored by the Golden Age Dramatic League. They present their own fractured version of Quo Vadis.

Buster's Frame Up Trailer (1927)

05 June 1927

Trimble, Pete and Mary Jane take in a movie and then decide to go out west by riding the rails. When they get off, they run into a movie company shooting a western.

Dynamite Doggie Trailer (1925)

21 March 1925

Al wants to elope with his girlfriend, but her dog Pete disrupts the plan.

Saturday's Lesson Trailer (1929)

09 November 1929

A man dressed as the devil scares the gang into minding their mothers.

The First Seven Years Trailer (1930)

01 March 1930

Jackie gets in a duel over the affections of Mary Ann.

Olympic Games Trailer (1927)

11 September 1927

While the world watches the Olympic Games in Stockholm, the Rascals gather at the flats for their own games.

Rainy Days Trailer (1928)

12 February 1928

Jay and Wheezer are left alone on a rainy afternoon when Mom goes out to run errands. But when their friends drop by and trash the place, the boys must struggle to clean up before Mom returns.

Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde Trailer (1925)

30 July 1925

Stan Laurel before Laurel and Hardy, in this "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"-inspired story, which was released 30 July 1925.