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Peter McDonald (born 28 January 1972 in Dublin) is an Irish stage and screen actor. He grew up in Mount Merrion in South County Dublin. His mother, Brenda Costigan is a cookery writer and his father, Richard McDonald sells bailer twine. He is related to Leigh McDonald of Australia. He was educated at St Michael's College on Ailesbury Road in Dublin and graduated from University College Dublin with a Bachelor of Arts, English and a Master of Fine Arts, English in 1994. He got his start in theatre while at University. He was part of UCD's very active Drama Society and was a member of Fly by night theatre company.

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The Damned United Trailer (2009)

27 March 2009

Taking over Leeds United, Brian Clough's abrasive approach and his clear dislike of the players' dirty style of play make it certain there is going to be friction.

Blow Dry Trailer (2001)

01 March 2001

The annual British Hairdressing Championship comes to Keighley, a town where Phil and son Brian run a barbershop and Phil's ex-wife Shelly and her lover Sandra run a beauty salon.

The Stag Trailer (2013)

10 September 2013

At his fiancée’s urging, a very modern Irish groom-to-be reluctantly agrees to a stag weekend with his friends, camping in the western wilderness of Ireland.

Killing Hitler Trailer (2003)

30 March 2003

A drama-documentary about Operation Foxley, a 1944 British plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Titanic Trailer (2012)

21 March 2012

An extraordinary re-telling of the doomed voyage that features both fictional and historical characters, ranging from steerage passengers to upper class guests.

I Went Down Trailer (1997)

03 October 1997

Fresh out of prison, Git rescues a former best friend (now living with Git's girlfriend) from a beating at the hands of loan sharks.

Saltwater Trailer (2000)

29 September 2000

An Irish-Italian café owner in a seaside town faces a life crisis, as his wife recently died and he's severely in debt.

Felicia's Journey Trailer (1999)

24 November 1999

A solitary middle-aged bachelor and a naive Irish teenager transform one another's lives to arrive at a place of recognition, redemption and wisdom in Atom Egoyan's adaptation of William Trevor's celebrated 1994 novel.

Thirteen Trailer (2016)

28 February 2016

This Five-part BBC psychological drama follows Ivy Moxam, a 26-year-old woman who was abducted when she was 13 and held captive for the next 13 years.

Some Voices Trailer (2000)

25 August 2000

Schizophrenic Ray tries to adjust to the outside world after being released from an institution.

Murder: The Third Voice Trailer (2016)

03 March 2016

When Rafe Carey’s body is washed up by the River Tweed, it looks like he’s drowned in a tragic accident on a day of extreme weather.

The Opportunists Trailer (2000)

17 May 2000

Vic is a struggling auto mechanic with a safe-cracking past and a lot of debt. His girlfriend runs a bar and offers to loan him the money she's saved for remodeling, but Vic is reluctant to take it.

Pentecost Trailer (2011)

10 February 2011

Ireland 1977. Eleven-year-old Damian Lynch (Scott Graham) is called in at the last moment to serve as an altar boy at an important mass in his local parish.

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2012: Live Action Trailer (2012)

01 January 2012

ShortsHD is once again bringing the wildly popular Oscar nominated short film program (Live Action, Animation, and Documentary) to theaters in the US, Canada, and Europe beginning February 10th.

Captain Jack Trailer (1999)

28 May 1999

A sea captain with a vessel not deemed sea worthy by the ship inspectors assembles a motley crew to sail along the path of Captain Scoresby, a sea captain who sailed from Whitby in northern England to the Arctic in 1791.

When Brendan Met Trudy Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000

A teacher meets a woman who turns out to be a thief and they introduce each other to new things.

Kings in Grass Castles Trailer (1998)

29 March 1998

The life of an Irish immigrant family in Australia in the second half of the 19th century.