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Frontier of the Dawn Trailer (2008)

22 May 2008

A celebrity is caught by her husband with a young lover. She ends the relationship, but slowly goes insane and kills herself.

A Burning Hot Summer Trailer (2011)

28 September 2011

Paul reflects on the summer he met Angèle and Frédéric as he watches his friend being laid to rest.

Nocturna Trailer (2007)

06 September 2007

In the aging orphanage the days pass very uneventfully, but the nights are something quite different; at least for Tim they are.

Regular Lovers Trailer (2005)

14 September 2005

1968 and 1969 in Paris: during and after the student and trade union revolt. François is 20, a poet, dodging military service.

Jealousy Trailer (2013)

03 October 2013

The professional and emotional cross-currents between two romantically entwined theater actors played by the director’s son Louis and Anna Mouglalis.

In the Shadow of Women Trailer (2015)

14 May 2015

Pierre and Manon are poor. They make documentaries with nothing and they live by doing odd jobs. Pierre meets a young intern, Elisabeth, and she becomes his mistress.

Wild Innocence Trailer (2001)

19 December 2001

A movie director does a new film against heroine consumption, and the producers are heroine dealers.

The Birth of Love Trailer (1993)

22 September 1993

Writer and Director Phillipe Garrel presents the story of two friends, Paul (played by Lou Castel) and Marcus (played by Jean-Pierre Léaud), both in search of trying to understand what love is and what love really means.

She Spent So Many Hours Under the Sun Lamps Trailer (1985)

09 October 1985

A young film director is turning a movie with his friend Christa (reminds us of the real-life relationship between Garrel and Nico).

I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar Trailer (1991)

11 September 1991

For those who were young, living under the delusions of love and soft drugs in Paris, May 1968 - even if the guitar is still playing, they can't hear it any longer.

Les ministères de l'art Trailer (1989)

11 February 1989

Philippe Garrel’s documentary on France’s second wave of masterful filmmakers. Featuring Jean Eustache, Chantal Akerman, André Téchiné, Leos Carax, Jacques Doillon and Benoit Jacquot.

Night Wind Trailer (1999)

03 March 1999

A housewife's (Catherine Deneuve) affair with a younger man (Xavier Beauvois) goes nowhere.

Le Berceau de Cristal Trailer (1976)

18 May 1976

An androgynous poet/dreamer sits and writes and meditates on the aching void that is her life.

Cinétracts Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

A series of 41 documentary shorts, directed (without credit) by several famous French filmmakers and each running between two and four minutes.

Marie for Memory Trailer (1967)

25 January 1967

Parallel lives of two couples destined to suicide, one, and unhappiness, the other.

Le Révélateur Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

A 4-year-old child is the element from and around which the action develops, and brings sentiments and emotions to light.

Anémone Trailer (1968)

13 February 1968

The portrait of a young girl from the Parisian bourgeoisie. As a brief shot indicates us, it could have been called "Portrait of the artist as a young girl.

An Angel Passes Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

Nico is an ethereal poet haunting the gaps between scenes of Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Bulle Ogier, Laurent Terzieff, and Garrel’s father, Maurice, discussing the filmmaker’s staple topics: love, psychoanalysis, and the failures of May ’68.

The Phantom Heart Trailer (1996)

27 March 1996

Philippe is a middle-aged painter, he lives with Annie : they have two kids. Just after they split up, Philippe meets Justine.

Les enfants désaccordés Trailer (1964)

25 January 1964

A young couple escape from school and home; they are happy in a lonely mansion somewhere; then, they are.

Philippe Garrel - Portrait d'un artiste Trailer (1999)

03 May 1999

Cited as “the best filmmaker of his generation” by directors ranging from Akerman to Benoît Jacquot, Philippe Garrel remains an alluring, somewhat enigmatic figure; this rare look at his world and his art was made right after the completion of his great “autobiographical tetralogy” that ended with The Phantom Heart.

Last Cry Trailer (1988)

24 July 1988

This thriller looks at the defection of a terrorist and focuses on frequent violence and repetitive sex scenes with full frontal nudity.

The Virgin's Bed Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

30 year old child enters the new city, riding on a donkey. He says he is the Savior. He has spent no time among men.

Actua I Trailer (1968)

01 May 1968

May 68 events seen through various 16 & 35mm shots, anonymous images made by young protesters who were filming during the night.

Le Bleu des Origines Trailer (1979)

20 February 1979

A survival, silent black & white film shot with a hand camera, a journey into Philippe Garrel's intimate family album featuring the two women who counted in his cinematographic life: Nico and Zouzou.

Concentration Trailer (1968)

28 November 1968

La Concentration features an androgynous young man (Jean-Pierre Léaud) and woman (Zouzou), dressed only in their underwear, locked in a room with a bed.

Droit de visite Trailer (1965)

01 January 1965

A 17 year old boy goes on a trip with his father and his father's girlfriend.

Les chemins perdus Trailer (1967)

01 January 1967

Series of three short 'Pop Films' directed between 1966 - 67 for French television by Philippe Garrel.

Liberty at Night Trailer (1984)

03 October 1984

A man caught in the midst of the events of Algeria is experiencing a new but fleeting happiness with a young Algerian.

Emergency Kisses Trailer (1989)

31 May 1989

The familiar conflicts of a film director planning to make a movie about his life and the confrontation he has with his wife, an actress who was turned down for such project in which she wanted to play herself.

Les Hautes Solitudes Trailer (1974)

15 December 1974

Biographical film about Jean Seberg, loosely based on Nietzsche's Anti-Christ.

L'Enfant Secret Trailer (1979)

31 December 1979

Jean-Baptiste, a filmmaker, and Elie, an actress, fall in love. To fight their unhappiness, they cling to their children: Jean-Baptiste to his film and Elie to her young son.

The Inner Scar Trailer (1972)

02 February 1972

A collage of dreams. Garrel made a name for himself with this film as a new Jean Vigo. With Nico (Velvet Underground).

L'amant d'un jour Trailer (2017)

06 September 2017

Paris Vu Par... 20 Years After Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Film comprised of six vignettes each illustrating one aspect of life in the French capital, each set in a different area of the city.

Athanor Trailer (1972)

30 July 1972

Athanor (Nico) is searching for fire. A flame is always at the foreground. Nico naked in tombs, looking at herself in circular mirrors, Nico in castles, keeper of the fire.

Golem, l'esprit de l'exil Trailer (1992)

24 September 1992

An allegory of the Golem, a Jewish mythical creature personifying displacement and exile, this film tells the story of a woman (similar to the biblical Ruth) and her sisters, who are forced into exile after the death of their husbands.