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Philippe Mora (born 1949) is a French-born Australian film director. Born in 1949 to a German Jewish father and an Australian mother, he began making films while still a child.

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Communion Trailer (1989)

10 November 1989

A novelist's wife and son see him changed by an apparent encounter with aliens in the mountains.

Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch Trailer (1985)

28 August 1985

A young girl whose sister was murdered by werewolves helps an investigator track down a gang of the beasts through the U.

Howling III: The Marsupials Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

A strange race of human-like marsupials appear suddenly in Australia, and a sociologist who studies these creatures falls in love with a female one.

Mad Dog Morgan Trailer (1976)

09 July 1976

The true story of Irish outlaw Daniel Morgan, who is wanted, dead or alive, in Australia during the 1850s.

Precious Find Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

The year is 2049. 200 years after the great Californian goldrush. The new generation of gold diggers are just as full of gold fever as their ancestors.

Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills Trailer (1997)

07 October 1997

Pixie is cursed with turning into a Pterodactyl when her husband is caught messing with bones on an ancient burial ground.

Double Headed Eagle: Hitler's Rise to Power 1918-1933 Trailer (1973)

06 April 1973

Presents a unique and disturbing look at the rise of the Nazi party. The documentary, directed by Lutz Becker, attempts to remain as objective as possible, serving as a neutral observer of the years 1918 through 1933 in Germany.

Burning Down the House Trailer (2001)

07 February 2001

A down-on-his-luck film director sets fire to his home so he can collect the insurance money and fund his new movie.

A Breed Apart Trailer (1984)

01 July 1984

A conservationist and a widow meet a mountain climber hired to steal bald-eagle eggs.

The Beast Within Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

In the beginning of the movie you see a woman getting raped by a man-creature of some sort. The movie takes place years later when the child that was a result of that rape is on the rampage looking for a girl to rape to start the process all over again.

Monsieur Mayonnaise Trailer (2016)

31 July 2016

Artist and filmmaker Philippe Mora (Mad Dog Morgan; The Howling II; Swastika) is producing a graphic novel about his late father, Georges, widely known in Melbourne as a beloved contemporary art patron and owner of bohemian eateries Mirka Café, Café Balzac and the Tolarno Restaurant and Galleries.

The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen Trailer (2014)

26 May 2014

Fifty lesser-known horror flicks hailed by critics and genre fans as "absolute must-sees" are given the spotlight with fun, engaging commentary from journalists, directors, actors and critics in a countdown like no other.

Absolutely Modern Trailer (2014)

14 April 2014

This comedy about Modernism, muses and the role of sexuality in art, is told by famed art critic Lord Steinway.

Snide and Prejudice Trailer (1997)

11 May 1997

At a mental institution, the resident physician, Dr Cohen, encourages his patients who believe they are important Nazi figures to act out their fantasies.

Back in Business Trailer (1997)

29 May 1997

An ex-cop gets pulled back in an undercover mission for the FBI by his former partner. The mission is to catch drug runners, but it is also sting operation against dirty cops, some of whom set up the ex-cops' dismissal from the force.

Art Deco Detective Trailer (1994)

16 September 1994

While investigating the murder of a movie star, a detective finds that he himself is being set up for the crime.

Death of a Soldier Trailer (1986)

16 May 1986

Based on a true story, James Coburn portrays a military lawyer assigned to defend a confessed psychotic killer.

Swastika Trailer (1974)

01 September 1974

Swastika is a feature length documentary about the way in which the Nazi regime infiltrated the lives of the German population, during 1933-45.

Brother Can You Spare A Dime Trailer (1975)

06 August 1975

A nostalgic look back at the Great Depression with contemporary archival footage and film clips picturing James Cagney as an American Everyman.

The Return of Captain Invincible Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

In WWII, Captain Invincible used his superpowers against the Nazis, and he was a hero. But when they accused him of supporting the communists, he retired to Australia.