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The Life of Jesus Trailer (1997)

04 June 1997

Twenty-something Freddy is becalmed in a podunk French village where the only sign of life is the local amateur brass band and youth aimlessly roaming around the countryside on scooters.

Insyriated Trailer (2017)

11 February 2017

Trapped inside her house in a city under siege, Oum Yazan, mother of three, turned her flat into a safe harbor for her family and neighbors, trying to protect them from the war outside.

The Day God Walked Away Trailer (2009)

28 October 2009

Film offers a new take on the Rwandan genocide, through the first person experience of one woman as the horror descends.

Demented Trailer (2006)

07 October 2006

Young Martin watches the quirky, extraordinary events that occur in and around the family home and barn from a distance.