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Murder in the Fleet Trailer (1935)

24 May 1935

Seamen hunt down a deadly saboteur.

Men in Black Trailer (1934)

28 September 1934

The stooges are three doctors who graduated medical school by being in it for too many years. They come across such problems as an overly chirpy nurse, a mental patient, and a combination to a safe swallowed by the hospital superintendent in the course of their attempt to get through the day.

Three Little Pigskins Trailer (1934)

08 December 1934

The stooges are mistaken by a gangster for the "Three Horsemen of Boulder Dam", famous football players.

Hoi Polloi Trailer (1935)

29 August 1935

A professor bets that he can turn the stooges into gentlemen. After many attempts to teach them etiquette, he brings them to a fancy society party.

Every Night at Eight Trailer (1935)

02 August 1935

Three young girls working in an agency have build a singing trio. They want to 'lease' the dictaphone of their boss to make a record of their singin, but they are caught and fired.

Blind Date Trailer (1934)

20 July 1934

A young woman is torn between a wealthy suitor who wants her body and the honest young man who wants what's best for her.

Ten Cents a Dance Trailer (1931)

06 March 1931

A taxi dancer with a jealous husband finds herself falling for a wealthy client.

Why Be Good? Trailer (1929)

28 February 1929

Colleen Moore as a flapper who unwittingly falls for the Boss' son.

The Girl Said No Trailer (1930)

15 March 1930

A comedy romance in which breezy Haines, as a young lady killer, tries to capture the heart of Hyams who has turned him down for Bushman.

Young Bride Trailer (1932)

07 April 1932

A newlywed discovers her husband is a cheating phony.

The Captain Hits the Ceiling Trailer (1935)

09 July 1935

Franklin gets into a disagreement with a tough sea captain. However, he doesn't find out until later that the captain is his fiance's father.

Three on a Limb Trailer (1936)

03 January 1936

Scoutmaster Elmer Brown loses his heart to the pretty carhop who works in a drive-in diner. Complicating his romantic longings is her policeman fiancé.

So This Is College Trailer (1929)

08 November 1929

Biff and Eddie are the best of friends. They are college seniors; roommates at the Fraternity; and star teammates on the USC Football team.

Ay Tank Ay Go Trailer (1936)

04 December 1936

Boy loves girl, but she's on the other side in a hillbilly feud.

Midnight Blunders Trailer (1936)

13 December 1936

The evil Dr. Wong abducts prominent scientist Dr. Edwin Millstone. Bumbling bank guards Tom and Monte search through Chinatown to find Dr.

Aloha Trailer (1931)

26 April 1931

In the South Seas, a half-caste island girl refuses to follow tradition and marry a fellow islander, instead falling in love with a white man and heir to an American fortune.