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À nos amours Trailer (1983)

16 November 1983

A portrait of youth in bloom; a tale of one family's dissolution; a reflection upon the danger and the mystery in living.

Waiter! Trailer (1983)

09 November 1983

After a life of emotional and professional upsets, Alex finds himself headwaiter in a chic Parisian restaurant.

Adventures of Félix Trailer (2000)

19 April 2000

A charming comedy about going on a rather long walk. Félix is a laid-back guy living in the bleak northern coastal town of Dieppe.

Replay Trailer (2001)

22 August 2001

Nathalie and Louise are friends from childhood. While studying drama at University Louise becomes hopelessly obsessed with her friend.

The New Eve Trailer (1999)

27 January 1999

Camille is an emancipated 30-something woman who has no desire to settle down and have a family, preferring to coast along on a succession of ephemeral relationships and one-night stands.

Souvenirs souvenirs Trailer (1984)

19 September 1984

Open Bodies Trailer (1998)

23 June 1998

Born to a North African father and a French mother, 18-year-old Parisian high school senior Rémi works part-time in an Arab grocery store while studying management and commerce.

Pretty Devils Trailer (2000)

09 February 2000

Three very different adolescent girls team up to take revenge on men until one day it is no longer a game.

Les guérisseurs Trailer (1988)

02 January 1988

Film directed by Sidiki Bakaba.

Valentino! I love you Trailer (1991)

11 May 1991

Exes Trailer (2006)

04 October 2006

Cent francs l'amour Trailer (1986)

20 August 1986

Conférence de Berlin 1885 - La ruée sur l'Afrique Trailer (2011)

23 February 2011

A docudrama depicting the Berlin Conference in which the Western powers decided the partition of Africa.

La Nuit de l'océan Trailer (1992)

03 June 1992

After the disappearance at sea of a young fisherman, his childhood friend and his mother begin an ambiguous relationship.

Cheb Trailer (1991)

05 June 1991

Merwan, a 19-year-old beur, has been expelled from France and forced to return to Algeria, the country where he was born but where he is now an alien to the language and customs.

Moi et mon blanc Trailer (2003)

19 May 2003

An African student stranded in Paris after losing his government grant discovers a bag of drugs and money while working as a parking garage attendant.

Quand je serai star Trailer (2005)

19 January 2005

La revanche de lucy Trailer (1998)

17 June 1998