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I kongens klæ'r Trailer (1954)

24 September 1954

Kjeld Petersen plays a merchant who has stolen his clothes when he is out take a dip in the Sound. He stopped by the police, and they find a call to military service in his pocket, after further complications lands him at the barracks, where he came under the loving care of 66 (Dirch compatible) and 65 (Ove Sprogø).

The jut-nuts part III Trailer (1989)

15 December 1989

Jacob and Finn run their low-budget private-eye business out of an auto salvage yard. Usually they are woefully incompetent, and on occasion they are inventive, like the time they find a boat captain's dentures.

Boys Trailer (1977)

26 February 1977

Another personal movie by Danish director Nils Malmros.

Memories of a Marriage Trailer (1989)

17 November 1989

Karl Åge and Regitze host a summer garden party for close friends, their son, and his family. Karl Åge is quiet, detached; Regitze is spirited, lively.

The Girl and the Press Photographer Trailer (1963)

15 February 1963

Bastian and Lene are a good couple, as a journalist and press photographer. They take turns to get ideas for how to get a scoop for the magazine "Tit og Lyt".

Der kom en dag Trailer (1955)

17 February 1955

Paradis retur Trailer (1964)

21 February 1964

Mor skal giftes Trailer (1958)

26 October 1958

Det lille hotel Trailer (1958)

16 March 1958

Himlen er blaa Trailer (1954)

20 March 1954

Pain of Love Trailer (1992)

29 October 1992

Auteur filmmaker Nils Malmros' first departure from his "schooldays in the 1950s" theme is an amotionally drenching exploration of a seemingly normal and extrovert young woman's increasingly errant way through her first adult relationships and the birth of her first child.