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The Flock of Angels Trailer (1979)

10 July 1979

Ingrid is a young high school student who due to the impact suffered by the death of his mother, is acting strangely causing concern to her teachers.

Carmen Trailer (1978)

11 October 1978

Carmen is a beautiful woman working in a business that is dedicated to smuggling. One day, Carmen fights and hurts to a smuggler woman, so a sergeant in the National Guard, José Navarro, stops detain her.

The Company Forgives a Moment of Madness Trailer (1978)

02 January 1978

A skilled worker has a sudden nervous breakdown at the company for which he has been working for the last 20 years.

The Smoking Fish Trailer (1977)

02 January 1977

A handsome young man is released from jail and goes to "El Pez que Fuma", a bordello in the outskirts of Caracas.

Oriana Trailer (1985)

08 September 1985

A young girl is sent to a South American hacienda, where she learns about the life of her reclusive aunt, Oriana.

Terranova Trailer (1991)

11 July 1991

When I Want to Cry, I Don't Trailer (1973)

04 July 1973

In Venezuela, one day in 1948 there were born three children all named Victorino: Pérez, mulatto and son of the poor Lucía; Perdomo, son of a middle-class communist who gets arrested; and bourgeois Peralta.

Pandemonium, the Hell's Capital City Trailer (1997)

13 June 1997

Adonai is an lunatic poet. He lives in an abandoned neighborhood of Caracas where some speakers used in the ceiling to share music, poems and news with the exterior.

Crab II Trailer (1984)

13 June 1984

Commissioner Leon (Miguel Angel Landa) investigates the murder of a woman in a population near the capital.

Tales for Grown Ups Trailer (1963)

19 June 1963

This anthology film consists of three parts: "Story One: The story of the brave man", "Story Two: Angels Rhythm" and "Story Three: The false office of supernumerary".

Young Cain Trailer (1959)

05 October 1959

Juana moves with her son Juan from the country to Caracas in search of better work and educational opportunities.

The Criminals Trailer (1982)

28 July 1982

Two young men decide to rob a residence believing it uninhabited, once inside the homeowners and another couple maintain a perverse game as fun for Sunday.

Ver a Hilda Vera Trailer (1998)

22 October 1998

A living room, two video cameras, an armchair, two televisions and a mirror: domestic daily life in a

Ratón en Ferretería Trailer (1985)

01 May 1985

Adonai Flores, an experienced writer of telenovelas, falls in love with Belén Helena, a girl of low class.

The Burning of Judas Trailer (1974)

20 November 1974

Jesús María Carmona is a small-time crook who poses as a cop so he can rob a bank. A few days before the day he planned to do it, a guerrilla group robs the same bank and Carmona is shot to death defending it when he has no other choice but to act as a policeman.

Sacred and Obscene Trailer (1975)

23 July 1975

Pedro Zamora (Miguelangel Landa) is a former guerrilla who returns to Caracas and moves to a pension as a tenant.

Crab Trailer (1982)

22 April 1982

Commissioner Leon (Miguel Angel Landa) of the Technical Judicial Police is assigned to the kidnapping of a child of the upper class of Caracas.

Chronicle of a Latin American Subversive Trailer (1974)

23 July 1974

1964, in a Latin American country, a journalist is head of an armed liberation movement that decides to initiate radical actions.