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Bemisal Trailer (1982)

24 February 1982

When two twin brothers Sudhir and Adhir get orphaned upon the death of their father, Magistrate Chaturvedi adopts them and brings them up like his own children.

Avam Trailer (1987)

31 August 1987

Indian Army Captain Amar Kumar lives with his father, Ram, and mother, Saraswati. Ram has been associated with top freedom fighters during India's struggle for independence from the British.

Bade Dil Wala Trailer (1983)

24 September 1983

Amrit's generosity and kindness initially lands him in the bad books of a dancer; then in prison; and then as false son-in-law of a very wealthy man.

Rocky Trailer (1981)

25 April 1981

Sanjay Dutt makes his film debut. Shamlal is a union leader for the workers of construction company Ratanlal, who is tragically killed just when safety negotiations begin, leaving behind a devastated family.

Disco Dancer Trailer (1982)

10 December 1982

Jimmy promises to return to Bombay and become a famous entertainer so that he can exact revenge on Mr.

Jurmana Trailer (1979)

01 May 1979

Amitabh Bachchan plays a rich playboy who makes a bet with his friend, Vinod Mehra, which costs an innocent girl, Rakhee Gulzar, her honor.

Pyar Ke Naam Qurbaan Trailer (1990)

05 January 1990

A motor mechanic, Billo Chaudhary, creates waves in the local community when he dares to play Holi with the arrogant and wealthy Rajkumari Devika Singh.

Aakhree Raasta Trailer (1986)

02 June 1986

David is an old prisoner, released after twenty-four years in a penitentiary for a crime he hasn't committed.

Dahleez Trailer (1986)

06 October 1986

Dahleez is a 1986 Indian Bollywood film directed by Ravi Chopra and produced by B.R. Chopra. It stars Jackie Shroff, Raj Babbar, Meenakshi Sheshadri and Smita Patil in pivotal roles.

Kal Ki Awaz Trailer (1992)

21 August 1992

Kal Ki Awaz is a 1992 Bollywood film starring Dharmendra.