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Forest of Death Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

In a mysterious forest in Thailand, many suicidal youths disappear and rescue teams can not find the way out even with compass.

Re-cycle Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

Ting-yin, a young novelist, is struggling to come up with a followup to her best-selling trilogy of romance novels.

Goodbye, Mr. Cool Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

Ekin Cheng stars in this gritty triad action drama as Dragon, a talented former hitman who has reformed and is now a waiter at a blue collar cafe.

On the Edge Trailer (2006)

31 August 2006

After working as an undercover in a triad for 8 years, Sheng (Nick Cheung) finally arrests the triad leader (Francis Ng) and resumes his duties as a police officer.

House of Mahjong Trailer (2007)

01 February 2007

Gi, who wants to start up her business in Fu Gui Mall, needs to learn to play Taiwan mahjong to be part of the tenants there.

Super Model Trailer (2004)

17 June 2004

Super model Mandom (Ronald Cheng) is very famous in the field. One day, he is threatened by someone, asking him not to attend a model competition.

Bet To Basic Trailer (2006)

30 March 2006

Inferior gangster Flying Dragon has a bad habit of gambling, he thus offends the three great gamble deceivers.

Astonishing Trailer (2004)

13 May 2004

Mandy's life turns upside down after getting into a car accident.

Single Blog Trailer (2007)

31 May 2007

Sex or love, which is more important? There are three female flat mates: Vivian is frivolous, Kitty is prim and proper, and Mei Wah is ditsy.