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Nerrukku Ner Trailer (1997)

01 September 1997

Raghu and Shanti are divorced couple which sparks problems between both respective younger brothers.

Thirudan Police Trailer (2014)

14 November 2014

Vishwa, an idler, gets the job of his constable father after the latter is killed during a police operation.

Varalaru Trailer (2006)

20 October 2006

Shiva, the ageing business tycoon, bound to his wheelchair, sharing a strong bonding with his son Vishnu.

Gethu Trailer (2016)

14 January 2016

A hitman comes to a hill town to plot the murder of a top scientist. A young man and his righteous father stand in his way.

Sinthamal Sitharamal Trailer (2004)

14 April 2004

Sinthamal Sitharamal Cast: Abbas, Nadhitha Music: Barani Year: 2004

Dharmadurai Trailer (2016)

19 August 2016

A doctor turns into an alcoholic, and becomes an embarrassment for his brothers. What caused this descent, and can he redeem himself?

Udhaya Trailer (2004)

28 March 2004

Udhayakumar (Vijay) and Vasanthi (Simran) are collegemates and they fall in love. But soon he comes to know that she is engaged to be married.

Manakanakku Trailer (1986)

01 May 1986

Manakanakku is a Tamil language film starring Vijayakanth, Sarath Babu, Rajesh, Ambika and Radha in the lead roles.

Kannum Kannum Trailer (2008)

07 July 2008

Sathyamoorthy, an orphan, vents his feelings in a poem but doesn’t submit it to a magazine. Surprisingly he reads a poem, penned by a girl, in a magazine that is quite similar to what he has written.

Andha 7 Naatkal Trailer (1981)

25 October 1981

A poor musician enters the city dreaming to become a music director finds his love, the wife of his producer.

Kanni Paruvathile Trailer (1979)

29 September 1979

Kanni Paruvathile is a 1979 Tamil film directed by B. V. Balaguru starring K. Bhagyaraj, Rajesh and Vadivukarasi.

Tenaliraman Trailer (2014)

18 April 2014

In the fictional princely state of Vigada Nagar, the king's corrupt ministers strike a deal with the Chinese, giving them unrestricted access to trade in the kingdom.

Sivakasi Trailer (2005)

01 November 2005

Sivakasi (Vijay) is man with a golden heart. A do-gooder, who dotes on his mother and sister. The theme revolves round the sacrifices he is called upon to make the mother and sister happy.

Karutha Pakshikal Trailer (2006)

19 November 2006

Karutha Pakshikal is the story of a Tamilian immigrant Murugan (Mammootty), who makes a living out of ironing clothes of city-dwellers in Kerala.

Metti Trailer (1982)

08 January 1982

Metti explores the lives of three women a mother and her two daughters and their relationship with Pattabhi, who enters their life in the beginning of the film.

Anthony Yaar? Trailer (2009)

31 July 2009

Anthony Yaar? (English: Who is Anthony?) is a 2009 Tamil language film starring Shaam and Mallika Kapoor in the lead roles.

Shiv Bhola Bhandari Trailer (1995)

01 September 1995

The story of how Shiva protected Markandeya from the clutches of death, personified as Yama. Mrikandu rishi and his wife Marudmati worshipped Shiva and sought from him the boon of begetting a son.

Aayudham Trailer (2005)

14 January 2005

Siva(Prashanth) is admitted to a medical college in Chennai and his father(Rajesh), a police constable, gets a tranfer to Chennai too so that he can keep an eye on Siva.

Mannukkul Vairam Trailer (1986)

11 December 1986

Mannukkul Vairam is a 1986 Indian Tamil film directed by Manoj Kumar and produced by Motherland Pictures.

Dheena Trailer (2001)

14 January 2001

Deena works as a ruffian for his brother Adikesavan, doing his dirty work. One day he meets Chitra and they fall in love.

Paramasivan Trailer (2006)

14 January 2006

Subramania Siva (Ajith) is in jail, awaiting the death sentence for killing corrupt and evil members of the police force who had killed his father and sister.

Mahanadhi Trailer (1994)

14 January 1994

Mahanathi story is about an average man who loses his children, life and properties to overcome a hardship.

Chatrapathy Trailer (2004)

03 February 2004

Chatrapathy movie tells the story of Saravanan(Sarathkumar) who works as the bus driver for a ladies college and Nikitha, one of the college students, has fallen for him.

Red Trailer (2002)

05 May 2002

Ajith is Red (it stands for Revolution, Education, Development), an orphan who has since grown up to be the local don in Madurai.

En Uyir Nee Thaane Trailer (1998)

19 October 1998

En Uyir Nee Thaane is about a rich industrialst who raises his father's illegitimate son after the death of its mother.

Jai Hind Trailer (1994)

24 January 1994

Jai Hind is a 1994 Tamil action film directed by Arjun. The film features Arjun and Ranjitha in lead roles.

Ji Trailer (2005)

21 February 2005

Vasu (Ajith), a final year college student is happy go lucky. But he is forced to contest elections in the college after being persuaded by his friends (Venkat Prabhu and Arun).

Kaatrulla Varai Trailer (2005)

31 March 2005

Kaatrulla Varai Tamil Movie Online - Jai Akash, Pranathi, Vijayakumar, Vadivelu, R. Sundararajan, Vea

Unna Nenachen Paattu Padicchen Trailer (1992)

04 December 1992

Overview Coming Soon...

Iruvar Trailer (1997)

14 January 1997

A fictionalized account of the lives of 1980s Tamil Nadu political icons M. G. Ramachandran and M. Karunanidhi, continuing the tryst between Tamil cinema and Dravidian politics.

Ooty Trailer (1999)

06 November 1999

Ooty is a 1999 Tamil film directed by Anwar. The film stars Murali, Roja, Ajay and Rajesh in lead roles.

Achamillai Achamillai Trailer (1984)

18 May 1984

Achamillai Achamillai (Tamil: அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை) is a 1984 Indian Tamil language political satire film directed by K.

Chithirame Chithirame Trailer (1985)

15 March 1985

A 1985 Tamil film.

Thai Veedu Trailer (1983)

14 April 1983

Overview Coming Soon...

Sathya Trailer (1988)

28 January 1988

Sathya story is about Sathyamurthy(Kamalhassan) is an educated but unemployed youngster, dividing his time between hanging around with his friends and being verbally abused by his stepmother.

Payanangal Mudivathillai Trailer (1982)

25 February 1982

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Makkal En Pakkam Trailer (1987)

14 April 1987

Samraj(Sathyaraj)and rajmohan (Rajesh) are good friends who got separated due to a false theft accusation on Samraj.

Kathirukka Neramillai Trailer (1993)

01 July 1993

Raju and his sidekicks stole black money to help an orphanage. D.I.G. Mohanraj knew that they are thieves but he's unable to send them in jail.