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​ Raoul Bova  (born 14 August 1971) is an Italian actor. Bova was born in Rome to Calabrian parents. At the age of 16 he became a local champion in the 100 meter backstroke. At the age of 21 he joined the Italian Army and performed his military duty in the Bersaglieri (sharpshooters) corps. He enrolled in the ISEF, the Italian Institute of Physical Education, but dropped out to pursue a career in acting. He studied at the school Beatrice Bracco in Rome and also studied acting with Michael Margotta. In March 2000, he married Chiara Giordano. They have three children, Alessandro Leon, Francesco and Sophia. On 15 October 2010, Raoul Bova was nominated Goodwill Ambassador of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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AVP: Alien vs. Predator Trailer (2004)

12 August 2004

When scientists discover something in the Arctic that appears to be a buried Pyramid, they send a research team out to investigate.

The Tourist Trailer (2010)

08 December 2010

American tourist Frank (Johnny Depp) meets mysterious British woman Elsie (Angelina Jolie) on the train to Venice.

The Immature Trailer (2011)

21 January 2011

Six high school friends who come to the quarantine and have to assume that they are far from their days of glory.

Under the Tuscan Sun Trailer (2003)

30 April 2003

After a rough divoce, Frances, a 35 year old book editor from San Francisco takes a tour of Tuscany at the urgings of her friends.

Sorry if I Love You Trailer (2008)

25 January 2008

Scusa ma ti chiamo amore is a 2008 Italian film starring Raoul Bova and Michela Quattrociocche. Alex Belli (Bova) is a 37 year old advertising executive whose fiancée Elena has just left him, and who is having difficulty at work trying to think of a good advertising campaign for a new Japanese product.

Baarìa Trailer (2009)

02 September 2009

Giuseppe Tornatore traces three generations of a Sicilian family in in the Sicilian town of Bagheria (known as Baarìa in the local Sicilian dialect), from the 1930s to the 1980s, to tell the story of the loves, dreams and delusions of an unusual community.

Sorry if I Want to Marry You Trailer (2010)

12 February 2010

Second part of the film "Sorry if I love you". Alex (Raoul Bova) and Niki (Michela Quattrociocche) are more in love than ever.

Facing Windows Trailer (2003)

27 February 2003

Overburdened and stuck in a greying marriage, Giovanna takes to caring for a Jewish Holocaust survivor her husband brings home.

Avenging Angelo Trailer (2002)

30 August 2002

A woman who has recently discovered that she is the daughter of Angelo, a major mafia boss, decides to wreak vengeance when he is killed by a hitman.

Immaturi - Il viaggio Trailer (2012)

04 January 2012

All Roads Lead to Rome Trailer (2016)

14 January 2016

Maggie is an uptight, single mother and college writing teacher from New York City. In an effort to reconnect with her troubled teen daughter Summer, she decides to embark on a journey to a Tuscan village where she frequented in her younger days.

La nostra vita Trailer (2010)

21 May 2010

Claudio works on a site in the suburbs of Rome. He is madly in love with his wife who is pregnant with their third child.

Out of the Blue Trailer (2013)

14 March 2013

Andrea (Raoul Bova) is a handsome and confident thirty-eight-year old man: single, 'womanizer' and superficial, with a successful career in a major product placement agency.

The Nymph Trailer (1996)

12 April 1996

Set during the second world war, the sentimental education of a sensual adolescent girl, growing out of her childhood in a small, impoverished village in Southern Italy.

Treasure Guards Trailer (2011)

30 September 2011

On a dig in the remote Jordanian desert, maverick archaeologist Victoria Carter (Anna Friel) discovers an ancient scroll buried in the ruins of an old temple.

Viva l'Italia Trailer (2012)

25 October 2012

Ever Been to the Moon? Trailer (2015)

22 January 2015

Giulia is thirty years old and unmarried. She has a good job which allows her to travel and lead a luxurious life in Milan and Paris.

Unique Brothers Trailer (2014)

02 October 2014

A funny story about two brothers, Pietro and Francesco, and what happens with them and their families after Petro loses his memory.

Aspettando il sole Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

La scelta Trailer (2015)

02 April 2015

La bella società Trailer (2009)

21 May 2009

Nassiryia - Per non dimenticare Trailer (2007)

12 March 2007

Escort in love Trailer (2011)

18 March 2011

35 year old Alice has a husband and a son. Her life seems a beautiful dream, but it soon turns out to be a nightmare.

Piccolo grande amore Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Do You See Me? Trailer (2014)

20 November 2014

Serena Bruno is an architect who studied and got several masters in different countries of the world but she decides to go back to Italy so she can live and work there.

Torno indietro e cambio vita Trailer (2015)

18 June 2015

Palermo-Milano Solo Andata Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

Ti Stramo Trailer (2008)

28 November 2008

Il film racconta le vicende di Stram (Marco Rulli), chiara presa in giro del personaggio di Step portato al successo da Riccardo Scamarcio, e della sua storia d'amore con Bambi (Carlotta Tesconi).

Ti presento un amico Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

Ultimo - La Sfida Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

Sbirri Trailer (2009)

04 October 2009

A causa del lavoro, Matteo, è sempre stato lontano dalla famiglia. Un giorno viene informato della morte del figlio Marco a causa di un'overdose di ecstasy.

Indovina chi viene a Natale? Trailer (2013)

19 December 2013

Francesca e Nunziata Trailer (2002)

22 January 2002

At the beginning of the century, in Italy, a wealthy woman Francesca (Loren), adopts a poor little girl named Nunziata.

Come Un Delfino Trailer (2011)

01 March 2011

A man is forced to retire from competitive swimming due to a heart condition.

Ultimo 3 - L'Infiltrato Trailer (2004)

01 February 2004

Political Target Trailer (2006)

22 May 2006

The return of the Red Brigade in Italy, after 11 years of silence from this terrorist organization, was a traumatic event for the entire country.

Ultimo - L'occhio del falco Trailer (2013)

07 January 2013

La lupa Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

Milano-Palermo: Il Ritorno Trailer (2007)

23 November 2007

I, the Other Trailer (2007)

18 May 2007

Not available

Treasure guards Trailer (2011)

30 September 2011

Madame De... Trailer (2004)

23 May 2004

Coppia omicida Trailer (1998)

20 March 1998

Ultimo Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998

I cavalieri che fecero l'impresa Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

The Fourth King Trailer (1997)

27 December 1997

Alazar, a simple farmer who is also a beekeeper, meets the Three Wise Men Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, who have set off to celebrate the arrival on earth of the Messiah.

Rewind Trailer (1998)

07 July 1998

Terra bruciata Trailer (1999)

26 November 1999

Il testimone Trailer (2001)

30 May 2001

Italian thriller

Cominciò tutto per caso Trailer (1993)

11 March 1993