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Infidelity: Sex Stories 2 TrailerLa Secrétaire TrailerThe 50 State Masturbate Trailer

Rebecca Lord (born February 16, 1973) is the stage name of a French pornographic actress who has been active since 1993. After moving to the U.S., she achieved popularity in the porn industry there.

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Cronaca nera 1: Scuole superiori Trailer (1994)

08 March 1994

I Am a Sex Addict Trailer (2005)

14 October 2005

Just moments before his third wedding, Zahedi relates with utter sincerity and astonishing candor his obsession with prostitutes.

The Devil in Miss Jones 5: The Inferno Trailer (1995)

23 November 1995

Unleashed Trailer (1996)

16 July 1996

Widely imitated but never duplicated, the artistry of Andrew Blake, creator of "Captured Beauty" and "Hidden Obsessions," comes alive once again revealing an opulent world of beautiful women, in his new series the Sleepless Nights Collection.

All Star Trailer (2000)

30 October 2000

Five average guys are wandering through Malibu in search of a mansion where the All-Stars play, a group of the hottest women known to man.

The 50 State Masturbate Trailer (2008)

15 October 2008

All across the country some of adult films hottest, and horniest, porn stars are getting off all alone.

Jill and Silvia Exposed Trailer (2004)

28 October 2004

Maximum Exposure! Maximum Silvia, maximum Jill, breaking all the rules!

Infidelity: Sex Stories 2 Trailer (2011)

14 December 2011

The story of infidelity: there are three couples, three different fates, three ways to overcome infidelity, three ways to spice up their relationship.

La Secrétaire Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

Cronaca nera 2: Diritto d'autore Trailer (1991)

01 November 1991

Lip Service Trailer (2003)

12 November 2003

Ever wanted to know who's really on the line with that seductive voice and those steamy fantasies? Well, if its Jenna, you've said a mouthful.

Wicked Covergirls Trailer (2003)

21 May 2003

A fashion company. A corporate CEO. A top glamour agent. The models. The press. And a band. In fact, everyone you'd expect to see at a trendy clothing company's summer fashion show.

A Clockwork Orgy Trailer (1995)

31 August 1995

An outrageous gang of four vicious ladies clean up the streets. Their main goal is to destruct the male perverts on the streets.

Priscila, premières jouissances Trailer (2005)

11 August 2005

She's Gone Cuntry Trailer (2004)

01 October 2004

Come 'n' git 'em! Twenty finger-lickin' good all-girl scenes and four hours of luscious ladies complete with perky tits and wet pussies.

100% Jenna Trailer (2002)

14 January 2002

Blue Movie Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

A young reporter is given the assignment of covering an adult video-shoot, hoping to dig up some dirt on its mysterious transvestite director.

Pornogothic Trailer (1998)

27 February 1998

A detective is called in to investigate a group of female vampires who are preying on men.

Gang Bang Girl 14 Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

The Anabolic tradition continues ... youthful,fresh,innocent Vanessa Chase and sweet, petite sex kitten, Rebbeca Lord get nailed by our crew of well hung construction workers.

30 Maschi Per Sandy Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995