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Tarok Trailer (2013)

30 October 2013

A family saga spanning three decades based on the mythology of the most famous race horse Denmark has ever seen.

Anja & Viktor - Flaming Love Trailer (2007)

19 January 2007

Finally, Viktor becomes a fireman, while Anja still do not have the great success of the advertising agency.

Krummerne 2 - stakkels Krumme Trailer (1992)

04 December 1992

The Crumbs Trailer (1991)

04 October 1991

The tween, Mads, finds it hard to fit in. Having feelings for a girl in class and a clumsy farther who is a teacher at his school doesn't help.

The Crumbs 3: Dad's Bright Idea Trailer (1994)

25 December 1994

Love at First Hiccough Trailer (1999)

15 October 1999

Anja is a beautiful and very well proportioned high school senior... and still a virgin. She insists that she wants her first time to be with a guy, who knows what it's about.

Krummerne: Så er det jul igen Trailer (2006)

17 November 2006

Winnie & Karina - The Movie Trailer (2009)

07 August 2009

I 'Winnie og Karina' har den kristne TV-kanal HKKs dynamiske bestyrelsesformand brug for en kompensationscheck fra det offentlige for at resocialisere et par kriminelle.

Bananen - Skræl den før din nabo! Trailer (1990)

16 November 1990

Kampen om den røde ko Trailer (1987)

27 November 1987

The Rascal Trailer (1994)

30 September 1994

Torben's father and farmer Jacob make a trade. Jacob gets a gearbox and Torben's father gets peace: Torben must be at farmer Jacob on the farm the rest of his summer holidays.

Kaptajn Klyde og hans venner vender tilbage Trailer (1980)

26 December 1980

Bertram & Co Trailer (2002)

25 December 2002

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