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​ Rei Kikukawa  (born February 28, 1978) is a Japanese actress, model and television presenter. Kikukawa was born in Urawa (now called Saitama), in Saitama Prefecture. She is a graduate of the University of Tokyo where she majored in architecture. She was scouted by an agent while shopping, and eventually came to be represented by Oscar Promotions. Her first major role came in 2002 when she was chosen to co-host the Sunday night NTV show "Bankisha." Despite her collegiate pedigree, her lack of knowledge on a variety of subjects was exposed on a variety/quiz show, and she rarely offers input on the issues on Bankisha. Although promoted as an "intelligent idol", a bra commercial in 2007 may indicate a move towards classification as an "obaka-aidoru" or "dumb idol" - entertainers known for their good looks and lack of intelligence.

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Godzilla: Final Wars Trailer (2004)

04 December 2004

Evil Space Aliens called the Xilians unleashes all the Earth's monsters to lay waste to most of the world's major cities, including Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Shanghai and Paris.

Genghis Khan: To The Ends Of The Earth And Sea Trailer (2007)

03 March 2007

A look at Genghis Khan's life, from his birth to conquests in Asia.

Gun Crazy: Episode 2: Beyond the Law Trailer (2002)

31 December 2002

An idealistic young lawyer whose faith in the law is rocked when she is unable to prevent a rapist from walking free.

The Cherry Orchard: Blossoming Trailer (2008)

08 November 2008

Remake of a hit film from 1990, "The Cherry Orchard" which Nakahara himself directed, based on a popular comic book from Akimi Yoshida.

Double Deception Trailer (2001)

14 July 2001

A kidnap plot involving the daughter of a powerful Japanese businessman goes terribly wrong.

Aoi byoten Trailer (2006)

08 September 2006

The sudden death of a journalist stirs up young editor Noriko's curiosity. While investigating the case, Noriko uncovers the dark secrets hidden behind the journalist's death and its relationship to a popular female novelist.