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Flesh Target: Rape! Trailer (1979)

16 March 1979

A sexually frustrated office worker hit his boss in the night club. The next day he is told he's to be demoted to a different position in the company.

Detective Conan Live Action Special 4 Trailer (2012)

04 April 2012

Kudo Shinichi and Mori Ran are invited to the set of a jidaigeki in Kyoto. On their airplane ride to Kyoto, a murder mystery arises.

Fairy in a Cage Trailer (1977)

04 June 1977

During the latter part of World War II, Judge Murayama, head of the Japanese military police, uses his position to falsely accuse, capture, imprison and torture women in whom he is interested.

Star of David: Beauty Hunting Trailer (1979)

27 October 1979

"Beautiful Girl Hunter" by Norifumi Suzuki is based on manga by Maasaki Soto.The film portrays the life of Tatsuya,a young man of proper descent whose outward respectability hides his urges for rape and torture.

L♡DK Trailer (2014)

12 April 2014

Aoi Nishimori's parents moved to another city for work, but Aoi didn't want to transfer to a new high school.

100 High School Girls: Secret Motel Report Trailer (1975)

25 August 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Fireworks from the Heart Trailer (2010)

25 September 2010

On September 9th, the day of the Katakai Fireworks Festival, high school student Hana comes home from the hospital after six months of treatment for leukemia.

Temptation of Angel Trailer (1979)

22 December 1979

A story of the everyday life of a couple living together, ordinary but full of warmth and love. Starring Miura and Yamaguchi's first movie since making public of their romance--their real-life story on the screen.

Miracle in Four Days Trailer (2005)

04 June 2005

Dvorak's Symphony No. 9, "From the New World" wafts through a hospice recreation room. Sitting at the grand piano is a young girl, Chiori, with a prodigious ability to play any piece of music after one hearing.

Dotonbori River Trailer (1982)

12 June 1982

A poignant love story between a 29-year-old woman, who has once been a prostitute but is now the mistress of a wealthy jewelry merchant, and a 19-year-old college student.

Angel Home Trailer (2013)

19 April 2013

The "Himawari So" ("Sunflower House") is a group home for mentally underdeveloped adults. Manga artist Itpon Aijo (Naoto Takenaka) begins to work at the "Himawari So".

Banned Book: Flesh Futon Trailer (1975)

22 November 1975

The film is based on 17th century Chinese erotic novel by Li Yu best known as The Carnal Prayer Mat. Mio is a struggling writer who writes a pornographic book entitled Flesh Futon which becomes a surprise best seller.

In the Realm of Sex Trailer (1977)

22 April 1977

Satirizing the Roman Porno genre, and the Office Lady Journal series in particular. Naomi Tani and Yuko Katagiri appear as themselves in the film, making fun of their on-screen personae.

Fall Guy Trailer (1982)

09 October 1982

Ginshiro, threatened by poor repute and upcoming star Tachibana, forces his friend Yasu to marry Konatsu, Ginshiro's pregnant mistress; Yasu becomes a stuntman to make ends meet.

Rape and Death of a Housewife Trailer (1978)

07 July 1978

Three young boys drunkenly rape a woman named Emiko, the wife of a man they've developed a friendship with.

Housewife's Experience: Tenement Apartment 2 Trailer (1975)

23 July 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Free and Easy 16 Trailer (2005)

27 August 2005

Densuke Hamada, aka Hama-chan, is an ordinary businessman working in a construction company, except for one thing.

New Lesbian World: Rapture Trailer (1975)

04 October 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Hostess Confidential: Three Juicy Sisters Trailer (1975)

18 October 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Bloom in the Moonlight "The Story of Rentaro Taki" Trailer (1993)

21 August 1993

A dying pianist composes one final song for his childhood friend.

Sins of Sister Lucia Trailer (1978)

07 January 1978

Rumiko is a misbehaving girl who got caught stealing the cash her father had at home for bribes. Father would not accuse her of that, but when he caught her having sex with her English teacher, he was justified in sending her to a monastery, where the nuns try to force her to become a good girl.

Outlaw Cop Trailer (1976)

04 February 1976

A bad cop is engaged in a violent chase to catch a yakuza boss. In his absence his wife runs away with another man, who turns out to be the very same man that her husband is hunting.

Yumeno Kyusaku's Girl Hell Trailer (1977)

19 August 1977

Utae and Aiko attend an all-girl private school where the devoutly religious principal seems to be raping some of the students, including Utae.

Rape! Trailer (1976)

07 February 1976

A rape victim realizes that she enjoys sexual assault and continuously offers herself to be raped while searching for her original rapist.

Nasty Diver Trailer (1977)

23 July 1977

Pinku from 1977.

No Grave for Us Trailer (1979)

26 May 1979

A plot to steal money from gangsters leads to trouble...