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Mortal Kombat: Annihilation Trailer (1997)

21 November 1997

A group of heroic warriors has only six days to save the planet in "Mortal Kombat Annihilation." To succeed they must survive the most spectacular series of challenges any human, or god, has ever encountered as they battle an evil warlord bent on taking control of Earth.

The Eiger Sanction Trailer (1975)

21 May 1975

A classical art professor and collector, who doubles as a professional assassin, is coerced out of retirement to avenge the murder of an old friend.

The Fourth State Trailer (2012)

08 March 2012

A journalist gets caught up in a terrorist plot in Moscow while investigating the Russian secret service.

Dreamship Surprise - Period 1 Trailer (2004)

14 July 2004

Hundreds of years after humans have settled on Mars, Regulator Rogul and Lord Jens Maul, lead a force of Martians to Earth in order to conquer the planet.

The Child Trailer (2012)

18 September 2012

Simon Sachs, a terminally ill ten year old boy, claims to have been a serial killer in his previous life and apparently he can prove it.

Babylon 5: In the Beginning Trailer (1998)

04 January 1998

Londo Mollari, the Centauri Emperor, recounts the initial contact between the Humans and Minbari, which resulted in a major incident and subsequent war, for an eager pair of youngsters wanting a story about love and conflict.

Comeback - Ein Lied für dich Trailer (2017)

01 March 2017

The Handmaid's Tale Trailer (1990)

09 March 1990

In a dystopicly polluted rightwing religious tyranny, a young woman is put in sexual slavery on account of her now rare fertility.

Herbert Trailer (2015)

12 September 2015

A former East German boxing champion reduced to working as a bouncer and debt collector is forced to reflect on his life when he is diagnosed with a fatal disease.

Die Konfirmation Trailer (2017)

01 February 2017

Return of Sabata Trailer (1971)

03 September 1971

Master gunslinger Sabata arrives in Hobsonville, a town completely owned by McIntock, a robber baron who is taxing the inhabitants for the cost of future improvements to the town.

Shakespeares letzte Runde Trailer (2016)

27 April 2016

Die Todesgrippe von Köln Trailer (1998)

31 December 1998

Ice Planet Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

In the brief period of peace after a terrible war in a far future Earth, an outer-space military academy is attacked by an unknown and unstoppable alien force.

Der Winter, der ein Sommer war Trailer (1976)

19 December 1976

Snowman's Land Trailer (2010)

19 September 2010

When the wife of a crime boss is accidentally killed, the hit man who was hired to protect the remote house in which she was living tries to keep her death under wraps.

Schwabing so, so - oder so? Trailer (1970)

06 February 1970

The Devil's Kickers Trailer (2010)

11 March 2010

After his parents separate and he loses his place on the soccer team, Moritz must put together a new team against incredible odds.

The White Snake Trailer (2015)

24 December 2015

Endres wants to be more than just a farmer's son. He wants to be able to read and write, wear clothes without holes and sleep in a proper bed.

Crash Dive Trailer (1997)

28 March 1997

The crew of the nuclear submarine USS Ulysses rescues supposed victims of a boat disaster, but the victims turn out to be terrorists intent on capturing nuclear weapons aboard the sub.

Das blaue Licht Trailer (2010)

25 December 2010

Sicher ist Sicher Trailer (2016)

27 September 2016

Detective Lovelorn and the Revenge of the Pharaoh Trailer (2002)

12 February 2002

Planet B - Edition No. 3

Hotel Heidelberg - Kommen und gehen Trailer (2016)

01 June 2016

Die Trixxer Trailer (2011)

28 December 2011

Amerika Trailer (1987)

15 February 1987

America has been bloodlessly taken over by the Soviet Union, leading to slave-labor camps for some, collaboration for others and rebellion for yet others.

Die Dienstagsfrauen - Sieben Tage ohne Trailer (2014)

03 January 2014

Kein Geld für einen Toten Trailer (1980)

14 March 1980

Pretend You Don't See Her Trailer (2002)

12 January 2002

Rookie - Fast platt Trailer (2011)

05 March 2011

Rookie is a German spoof on several movies, e.g, Forrest Gump, Rocky, Rambo, Indiana-Jones, Predator, Star Trek, Spider Man and The Wizard of Oz.

Rosamunde Pilcher: Das Geheimnis der weißen Taube Trailer (2012)

08 April 2012

Glückliche Reise Trailer (1975)

25 January 1975

Nobody's Children Trailer (1994)

03 March 1994

An American couple's battle through bureaucracy to adopt a Romanian child.

Stern der Liebe Trailer (2001)

28 September 2001

Neue Chance zum Glück Trailer (2011)

02 December 2011

Die Trickser Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

Otto - The Disaster Movie Trailer (2000)

22 March 2000

No overview found.

Change Trailer (1975)

06 June 1975

A movie directed by Bernd Fischerauer.

The Gunfighters Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

In this pilot Western produced for Canadian television, two brothers and their cousin become bandits to rescue their ranch from a greedy land developer.

Ums Paradies betrogen Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Rosamunde Pilcher: Und plötzlich war es Liebe Trailer (2006)

03 December 2006

Man liebt sich immer zweimal Trailer (2008)

30 September 2008

Rosamunde Pilcher: Nebel über Schloss Kilrush Trailer (2007)

11 November 2007

Der Wannsee-Mörder Trailer (2002)

19 February 2002

Null Uhr 12 Trailer (2001)

06 December 2001

Karl-May-Spiele: Im Tal des Todes Trailer (2002)

01 September 2002

Bombs Under Berlin Trailer (1999)

15 January 1999

When a World War II bomb with two days to detonation is found in Berlin, Alex and his wife must work quickly to solve a 40-year-old puzzle.

Drei leere Räume Trailer (1957)

10 December 1957

Aeon - Countdown im All Trailer (2000)

23 January 2000

My Little Assassin Trailer (1999)

11 October 1999

1981: Marita Lorenz checks into an Havana hotel and, in a flashback, remembers 22 years' before. At 19, visiting Cuba from New York, she comes to the attention of Fidel Castro, the country's rebel president.

Wir lassen uns scheiden Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

Rosamunde Pilcher: Magie der Liebe Trailer (1999)

17 January 1999

Zwei himmlische Dickschädel Trailer (1974)

20 December 1974

Anita Drögemöller und die Ruhe an der Ruhr Trailer (1976)

03 February 1976

Directed by Alfred Vohrer, and written by Jürgen Lodemann and Werner P. Zibaso, «Anita Drogemöller und die Ruhe an der Ruhr» is a 1976 Crime film .

Götz von Berlichingen mit der eisernen Hand Trailer (1979)

09 January 1979

Ehrlich währt am längsten Trailer (1978)

11 July 1978

Die Messe der erfüllten Wünsche Trailer (1971)

17 August 1971