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The Virgin Psychics Trailer (2015)

04 September 2015

A high-school student Yoshiro has never got a spotlight in his life and spends his days aimlessly. What only shines in his life is a girl Sae at his school.

Yarukkya Knight Trailer (2015)

23 May 2015

Makoto Gousuke has just transferred to a new high school with the intention of being the toughest kid there.

The Werewolf Game: Crazy Fox Trailer (2015)

05 December 2015

Ayaka Morii and others students have no choice but to play the Jinro Game. Their lives are at stake in the game.

Litchi Hikari Club Trailer (2016)

13 February 2016

The year is 2XXX and Keiko Town is an over-industrialized stretch of blackened factories pumping out thick layers of smoke that cast it in a perpetual state of semi-darkness.

Minna! Esupa Dayo! Bangaihen - Esupa, Miyako e Iku Trailer (2015)

03 April 2015

High school student Yoshio Kamogawa suddenly gained the power to read other people's minds. One day, he receives mail from Sae Asami in Tokyo asking for his help.

A Summer Day, Your Voice Trailer (2015)

24 October 2015

Tetsuo Togami (Shono Hayama) is in the 2nd grade of high school. Due to a fight, he is hospitalised. There, he meets Maiko Takashiro (Chika Arakawa).

Kofuku no Alibi: Picture Trailer (2016)

18 November 2016

Stories depicting ordinary people revolving around ceremonial occasions. Without knowing that the funeral is for a yakuza member, an undertaker holds the funeral service.

Oh My Zombie! Trailer (2016)

05 November 2016

Five years have passed since Japan's Great Zombie Panic. The confusion of those days is gone and people have finally regained their ordinary, peaceful lives.