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The Concorde Affair Trailer (1979)

23 March 1979

A reporter tries to stop the crash of an aircraft after uncovering an airline's plot to save their business by sabotaging Concorde flights and have them decommissioned.

The Kingdom of Naples Trailer (1978)

08 June 1978

Cahiers du cinéma critic Serge Daney asks whether The Kingdom of Naples is "leftist fiction, kitschy melodrama, photo-roman, a decadent chronicle of a city, opera in a minor key, or simply the first realistic narrative film by Schroeter?" It is all of these and more: an epic chronicle of proletarian family life in Naples from 1943 to 1972 that brilliantly captures the wretched poverty, overwrought passions, and political, religious and economic upheavals of Sicily across two generations.

7 Hours of Violence Trailer (1973)

15 November 1973

A former hitman is blackmailed into doing one more job. But the hit doesn't go as planned and he winds up with the police and a gang of Chinese hitmen hunting him down.

Sick Love Trailer (1982)

02 September 1982

The Perfume of the Lady in Black Trailer (1974)

29 March 1974

Sylvia, an industrial scientist, is troubled by strange hallucinations related to the tragic suicide of her mother.

La posta in gioco Trailer (1988)

08 March 1988