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Baby Love Trailer (1984)

09 March 1984

Those Lemon Popsicle boys are at it again!..Naughtier than ever in...

Schoolgirl Report Part 13: Don't Forget Love During Sex Trailer (1980)

14 August 1980

This is the last of the infamous German "Schoolgirl Report" movies. The story involves a bunch of teenagers and their teacher rehearsing "Romeo and Juliet" and discussing tales of modern love.

Zärtlich, aber frech wie Oskar Trailer (1980)

05 September 1980

A comedy directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb.

Ein Kaktus ist kein Lutschbonbon Trailer (1981)

30 January 1981

A comedy directed by Rolf Olsen.

Ein dicker Hund Trailer (1982)

16 December 1982

Melody in Love Trailer (1978)

26 October 1978

The story is about a young woman (Melody) who goes to Mauritius to stay with friends. It is the story of her sexual awaking and finding true love.

Hurra, die Schwedinnen sind da Trailer (1978)

29 June 1978

A comedy directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb.