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Crazy Crying Lady Trailer (2012)

24 December 2012

A woman is afflicted with an unusual condition; she cries all the time, at the slightest provocation regardless of whether she's happy or sad, beset by anxieties or problem-free.

Loser Lover Trailer (2010)

30 December 2010

An earnest young indie singer-songwriter is trying to land a recording contract. When he walks into the audition, he inexplicably falls in love at first sight with Mayom, a Plain Jane who is there auditioning with a group of backup dancers.

Noodle Boxer Trailer (2007)

30 November 2007


Valentine Sweety Trailer (2012)

09 February 2012

A romantic comedy which is a sequel to last year’s popular Bangkok Sweety. As before, it features a number of different love stories that take place on Valentine’s Day.

32 December Love Error Trailer (2009)

29 December 2009

Through a mix-up both Note and Joe has a joint medical examination. Because of this Joe establishes a bond with the more hesitant Note.

Love Sick Trailer (2013)

25 December 2013

Ramita Mahapreukpong stars in a dual role, a Thai woman named Gabs and a Japanese lady named Gudchan.

Hod Na Hiaw Trailer (2009)

21 January 2009

A former mafia boss, Song, gets out of jail and wants to get for revenge on one of his gang members, Tai, who married the woman that he loved twenty years ago.

Bangkok Sweety Trailer (2011)

29 December 2011

Bangkok Sweety revolves around many love stories that begin on Christmas Eve's night and end on Valentine's night.

Ponglang Amazing Theatre Trailer (2007)

28 November 2007

Tomorn inherits an old and run-down theatre from his uncle. The Theatre is called Chalermpol Rama, where once was the glorious Theatre in town.

Dumber Heroes Trailer (2005)

14 July 2005

A comedy set in a weird hospital populated by spies, mental people, an exorcist, you name it! Plus the world's most beautiful nurse.