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Orion's Belt Trailer (1985)

08 February 1985

Live to tell the truth. What can one man do against the most lethal army on earth? Local fishermen/smugglers/tourist guides Tom, Lars and Sverre discover the Soviet Union aren't just mining for coal in the arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

Alive and Kicking Trailer (1959)

01 January 1959

Three elderly residents of a nursing home, fed up with their monotonous existence, engineer an escape from their drab surroundings and head for an impromptu holiday on an Irish island.

Strongroom Trailer (1962)

04 May 1962

During a bank robbery, the manager and a cashier are locked in the strongroom, while the crooks escape.

Stepping Out Trailer (1991)

11 October 1991

Mavis (Liza Minnelli) was a chorus line dancer on Broadway. Just as she was on the verge of getting more prominent roles, she fell in love.

I Start Counting Trailer (1970)

27 October 1970

Jenny Agutter plays Wynne, an adopted 14-year-old girl who has a crush on her 32-year-old stepbrother, George, played by Bryan Marshall.