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Robert Więckiewicz is a Polish film and television actor.

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In Darkness Trailer (2011)

02 September 2011

A dramatization of one man's rescue of Jewish refugees in the Nazi-occupied Polish city of Lvov. In Darkness tells the true story of Leopold Soha who risks his own life to save a dozen people from certain death.

Little Rose Trailer (2010)

12 March 2010

Pressured by his superiors to disgrace public intellectual Warczewski, a professor and respected writer whom they believe to be a "camouflaged Zionist," rough security-services colonel Rozek enlists his sexy but naive girlfriend, Kamila, to insinuate herself into the distinguished older man's life and report on his every move.

True Crimes Trailer (2016)

11 January 2016

A murder investigation of a slain business man turns to clues found in an author's book about an eerily similar crime.

Walesa: Man of Hope Trailer (2013)

05 September 2013

How was it possible that a single man influenced contemporary world so significantly? This film is an attempt to capture the phenomenon of a common man’s metamorphosis into a charismatic leader — an attempt to see how a Gdansk shipyard electrician fighting for workers’ rights awakened a hidden desire for freedom in millions of people.

The Dark House Trailer (2009)

27 November 2009

The story takes place in two parallel time planes. The first plot follows the events of one autumn night in 1978.

A Grain of Truth Trailer (2015)

09 January 2015

A big shot prosecutor Teodor Szacki divorces his wife and leaves Warsaw to “start a new life” in picturesque town in south­east Poland ­ Sandomierz.

Vinci Trailer (2004)

17 September 2004

The sophisticated thief of art Robert "Cuma" Cuminski is released on probation from the local prison by the corrupt Doctor Wiaderny to organize the theft of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting "Lady with Ermine" for the dealer Gruby.

Konwój Trailer (2017)

13 January 2017

Soul at Peace Trailer (2009)

29 January 2009

Set against the majestic mountains of central Slovakia, first time director Vladimir Balko explores the difficulties and challenges one former inmate must face upon his release from prison.

Legendy Polskie: Jaga Trailer (2016)

09 December 2016

Embassy Trailer (2013)

18 October 2013

Young couple living in the old house suddenly discover an elevator which takes them directly to year 1939.

How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weigh? Trailer (2008)

26 December 2008

At 40, Zosia (Ilona Ostrowska) has a happy second marriage, a well-adjusted daughter, a good career, and a comfortable home in Warsaw.

The King of Life Trailer (2015)

25 September 2015

The Mighty Angel Trailer (2014)

17 January 2014

A shocking story about addiction and attempts to overcome it. The script is based on Jerzy Plich’s excellent novel “The Mighty Angel” (alternative title: "The Strong Angel Inn").

Memories of Summer Trailer (2016)

08 October 2016

The late 1970s. It's summer in a small provincial town. Twelve-year-old Piotrek has a very strong bond with his mother.

Legendy Polskie: Twardowsky Trailer (2015)

15 December 2015

Courage Trailer (2011)

18 November 2011

Alfred and Jerzy take part in a brutal incident: during a train ride, a couple of hooligans harass a young woman.

Legendy Polskie: Twardowsky 2.0 Trailer (2016)

16 September 2016

Baby sa jakies inne Trailer (2011)

14 October 2011

Dwóch prawdziwych facetów, których połączyła ekscytująca nocna wyprawa (najbardziej niegrzeczni w swojej karierze Robert Więckiewicz i Adam Woronowicz), stawia czoło zmasowanemu atakowi perfidnych przedstawicielek płci przeciwnej i rozprawia się ze wszystkimi okowami męskiej swobody w sfeminizowanym świecie.

Crown witness Trailer (2007)

02 February 2007

Blacha (Robert Wieckiewicz), an ex-middleman in the criminal underground, is the key witness in an enormous Pruszkow mafia bust.

Trick Trailer (2010)

12 February 2010

Kidnappers demand six million in ransom, but the United Nations does not negotiate with terrorist. One of the best counterfeiters is serving a lengthy prison term and the agent who arrested him needs his help.

Francuski Numer Trailer (2006)

17 March 2006

Maiden Vows Trailer (2010)

08 October 2010

Adaptation of the classic comedy by Aleksander Fredro.

Kołysanka Trailer (2010)

12 February 2010

Lullaby is a menacing story full of humor and suspense from the master of the genre, Juliusz Machulski.

Zwerbowana miłość Trailer (2010)

25 December 2010

A prostitute is enlisted into the Security Services in order to steal some highly classified records just as the communist regime is about to topple.

33 Scenes from Life Trailer (2008)

07 November 2008

The Polish artist Julia and her husband Piotr, a talented and successful composer, live in Kraków. When Julias's mother, Barbara falls ill with stomach cancer, the life of the family is falling apart.

4:13 do Katowic Trailer (2011)

18 October 2011

At 4.13 a.m. Artur will step on board of a train in Wroclaw. At 6.02 he will kill a human being. At 6.

All Will Be Well Trailer (2007)

05 October 2007

A teenage boy, whose mother is terminally ill, and his alcohol-addicted sports teacher set out on a pilgrimage to Czestochowa.

Samowolka Trailer (1993)

15 December 1993

Do jednostki wojskowej przyjeżdżają nowi poborowi. Starsi koledzy ostrzegają ich przed Tygrysem, byłym kryminalistą, faktycznym władcą kompanii, słynącym z bezwzględności i sadyzmu.

Half Seriously Trailer (2001)

20 April 2001

Konecki works here with none other than Andrzej Saramonowicz who makes his debut as a film writer with this film that one could view as a spoof of today's cinema, focusing mainly on the part of "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?