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Honey Trailer (2013)

01 May 2013

Irene, nicknamed 'Miele', has devote herself to people looking for help, and tries to alleviate their suffering even when they make extreme decisions.

The Son's Room Trailer (2001)

09 March 2001

A psychoanalyst and his family go through profound emotional trauma when their son dies in a scuba diving accident.

Mamma o papà? Trailer (2017)

14 February 2017

A divorced couple fights for the custody of their three children: neither of them wants it. Mom wants to leave them to dad, and vice versa.

Traces of an Amorous Life Trailer (1990)

13 September 1990

14 short episodes about love, spanning generations of lovers.

The Medicine Seller Trailer (2013)

15 November 2013

A farmaceutical salesman is involved in the spiral of corruption in the medical assistance of the welfare state system.

Pawn Street Trailer (2016)

29 September 2016

In Torino, a bittersweet crowd is bringing its own belongings to a pawn shop, waiting for a ransom or the final auction.

Una fredda mattina di maggio Trailer (1990)

29 November 1990

Se sei così, ti dico sì Trailer (2011)

15 April 2011

Piano, Solo Trailer (2007)

21 September 2007

Neve Trailer (2014)

11 December 2014

Evelina e i suoi figli Trailer (1990)

24 March 1990

Saturday, Sunday & Monday Trailer (2004)

25 December 2004

Although this sounds like a weekend like many others, in the Prior house the atmosphere is rather tense because of some nervousness on the part of individual members of the family, especially the father, Peppino, who gets angry with anyone who happens to shoot: with their children, Juliana and Roberto, and his sister, aunt Meme.

La seconda volta Trailer (1995)

26 October 1995

Professor Alberto Sajevo sees a woman walking in downtown Turin and starts following her for days; he finally meets her and they start talking, but they both give fake names.

Cinque giorni di tempesta Trailer (1997)

02 September 1997

Teatro di guerra Trailer (1998)

29 April 1998

Il tuffo Trailer (1993)

07 September 1993

Physical laws and human relations. In Terni (in the center of Italy), during a hot summer, Matteo, 30-years old with a degree in physics but unemployed gives private lessons to Elsa and Giulio.

Ladri Di Futuro Trailer (1991)

01 August 1991