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Army of Crime Trailer (2009)

17 May 2009

This gripping historical drama recounts the story of Armenian-born Missak Manouchian, a woodworker and political activist who led an immigrant laborer division of the Parisian Resistance on 30 operations against the Nazis in 1943.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro Trailer (2011)

16 November 2011

A man questions his essential goodness after being robbed.

Little Lili Trailer (2003)

27 August 2003

This film, loosely inspired by Anton Chekov's The Seagull, weaves a story about sex, family and the business of making films.

Anton Tchékhov 1890 Trailer (2015)

18 March 2015

Anton Tchekhov 1890 Trailer (2015)

18 March 2015

Summer 1890. In order to make some money to feed his family, Anton Chekhov, modest physician, wrote short stories for newspapers to sign Antosha Tchékhonté.

The Colonel Trailer (2006)

15 November 2006

A "Reformed Colonel" is found dead in Paris, a couple of decades after Algeria's struggle for independence was won from France.

The Secret of the Ant Children Trailer (2012)

01 May 2012

Traveling in North Benin, Cécile crosses the path of a young African mother deposited him, distraught, a baby in arms .

Transfixed Trailer (2001)

08 August 2001

Bo is a transexual prostitute in Brussels who left home after being abused by her father. She's infuatuated with a neighbor and suspected by the police in a series of transexual murders.

Bad Company Trailer (1999)

20 October 1999

Delphine is a sweet innocent young girl, her new best friend pulls her into a world where she falls in love with a local pretty boy.

His Brother Trailer (2003)

15 May 2003

Thomas has been estranged from his brother Luc for several years, due in part to his difficulties in dealing with Luc's homosexuality.

Neuf jours en hiver Trailer (2015)

11 December 2015

Le silence des églises Trailer (2013)

10 April 2013

Trance Trailer (2006)

05 October 2006

Sonia, a girl from St Petersburg, decides to seek a better life in western Europe. She first gets a job at a car dealer in Germany.

Une mère en trop Trailer (2015)

26 April 2015

Les Amants naufragés Trailer (2011)

13 June 2011

Les pirogues des hautes terres Trailer (2013)

05 April 2013

L'école du pouvoir Trailer (2009)

19 January 2009

Claude Gueux Trailer (2009)

31 March 2009

Hénaut Président Trailer (2012)

20 March 2012

Am-Stram-Gram Trailer (2012)

20 June 2012

Welcome Home Trailer (2008)

03 December 2008

Julien, 28, returns to his home town. He's spent the last 13 years in prison. Out on probation, he's obsessed by a girl.

L'amour est un jeu d'enfant Trailer (1994)

12 February 1994