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The Dance of Two Left Feet Trailer (2011)

16 July 2011

An unconventional love triangle that springs from a college student’s infatuation with his much older dance teacher.

Balut Country Trailer (2015)

18 March 2015

"Balut Country" follows the journey of Jun, an heir to the duck farm left to him by his late father. He must decide whether to sell the property to secure his future, or spare the land's loyal caretakers of inevitable displacement.

Soap Opera Trailer (2014)

09 November 2014

Desperately finding ways to support their sickly child, Noel and Liza welcome a new addition to their family, Ben, a rich foreigner who is hoping to build a family of his own.

Justice Trailer (2014)

02 August 2014

A foul-mouthed woman fights for her soul in the belly of the city. Working for a human trafficking agency controlled by a powerful syndicate, she sees no evil, hears no evil.

Flotsam Trailer (2015)

04 November 2015

A young woman running away from a volatile relationship ends up in a small beach resort where it seems everyone is falling in and out of love.

My House Husband - Ikaw Na! Trailer (2011)

25 December 2011

Nothing prepared ROD (Ryan Agoncillo ) and MIA ALVAREZ (Judy Ann Santos) for the major changes that took place in their lives.

Madaling Araw Mahabang Gabi Trailer (2012)

21 July 2012

The film is about the entangled stories of a group of young people who happen to be in a bar in Puerto Princessa, Palawan on the eve of All Souls' Day.

My Lady Boss Trailer (2013)

03 July 2013

Zach (Gutierrez) is a rich boy forced to find and keep a job after a major blunder in a company he set up.

Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir Trailer (2013)

25 December 2013

Pedro Calungsod, a young Filipino man, leaves his Visayan native roots to join the Spanish Jesuit priest Fr.

My Valentine Girls Trailer (2011)

13 February 2011

The Valentine offering starts with a loveless bespectacled author pondering over possible themes for his trilogy of love stories.