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Rodolfo Ranni (born 31 October 1937, Trieste, Italy) is an Italian Argentine film actor. He has made over 85 film and TV appearances since 1958. More recently he has appeared in Argentine television dramas. His last job was the Argentinian soap opera Herederos de Una Venganza (Heirs of Revenge).

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Time for Revenge Trailer (1981)

30 July 1981

A union organizing demolition worker and a friend of his decide to blackmail the corrupt company they work for setting up a fake accident.

Cops Trailer (1997)

19 June 1997

Two men from completely different backgrounds confront a gang of swindlers. Norberto Lorenzi and Guillermo Parodi are the two "jokers" who meet and relate with the usual initial distrust.

Las Mujeres Son Cosa de Guapo Trailer (1981)

18 June 1981

In 1930s Argentina, dim-witted Rufino and Jacinto are hired as tough guys ("guapos") by political boss Malatesta to intimidate his opponents, rig elections, etc.

Amorina Trailer (1961)

06 April 1961

El desquite Trailer (1983)

04 August 1983

When the new don discovers that sadistic mobsters were responsible for the death of his young son, he wreaks a deadly revenge.

La búsqueda Trailer (1985)

19 September 1985

A family is taken hostage by a trio of criminals. The father is killed, and the daughter swears revenge.

Volver Trailer (1982)

05 August 1982

An Argentine-executive of a multinational-returns to the country to close a factory. There he meets with his exgirlfriend and his best friend before the exile.

Camarero Nocturno en Mar Del Plata Trailer (1986)

15 May 1986

The Deal Trailer (1983)

18 May 1983

Story of a typical working class family living in suburban Buenos Aires during early 1980's. Luis (Federico Luppi) is a righteous man who begins a struggle and a moral debate with the rest of the family, his close friend Vicente (Julio de Grazia) and other neighbors when a corrupt municipal official offers an "arrangement" for extending them a water line that would solve many long time needs.

A Place in the World Trailer (1992)

09 April 1992

Mario and Ana, in voluntary exile from Buenos Aires, live in a remote Argentine valley with their 12-year-old son Ernesto.

Unpredictable Guy Trailer (1980)

02 October 1980

Following his mother`s death, wise son Sebastian attempts to organise dad Nestor to cope with basic household chores.

In Retirement Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

This action film dramatizes the military regime of Argentina who were responsible for the cruel violence and oppression of the so-called "missing" people.

Temporal Trailer (2002)

04 July 2002

Funes, un gran amor Trailer (1993)

01 April 1993

Funny Dirty Little War Trailer (1983)

22 September 1983

A small revolution breaks out in a small Argentine town, as one group of Peronists calls they newly elected peronist a communist.

Delito de Corrupción Trailer (1991)

03 October 1991