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Wiesnekker wuchs in einer musikalischen Familie auf und probierte auch selber diverse Instrumente aus. Doch er wollte, als Bewunderer von Charlie Chaplin, Schauspieler werden. Mit 15 Jahren begann er vorerst eine Ausbildung zum Koch, während der er „Mühe mit den hierarchischen Strukturen“ hatte. Eines seiner Steckenpferde war der Sport, mit 16 Jahren dachte er darüber nach, Sportlehrer zu werden. Er verwarf die Idee und arbeitete in einem Krankenhaus. Bald musste er jedoch merken, dass auch der Pflegeberuf nicht das Richtige für ihn ist. Er arbeitete danach in einer Gassenküche, was ihn tief prägte. Und erst dann kam er über Umwege zum Schauspielerberuf.

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3096 Days Trailer (2013)

21 February 2013

A young Austrian girl is kidnapped and held in captivity for eight years. Based on the real-life case of Natascha Kampusch.

The Silence Trailer (2010)

13 August 2010

13-year-old Sinikka vanishes on a hot summer night. Her bicycle is found in the exact place where a girl was killed 23 years ago.

Gotthard Trailer (2016)

20 August 2016

The film goes back to the start of construction of the first rail tunnel through the Gotthard Massif in the late 1800s.

Day of Disaster Trailer (2007)

09 September 2007

The Chinese Man Trailer (2011)

25 June 2011

A cold day in January 2006. The police make a horrible discovery in the Swedish town of Hudiksvall: In one night, 18 people have been brutally murdered in the small town.

Tsunami - Das Leben danach Trailer (2012)

05 February 2012

Michael Schäffer is among the Westerners whose families are killed in the great tsunami while on holiday at Thailand's Phuket beach.

IK1 - Touristen in Gefahr Trailer (2011)

01 September 2011

Elite units of the CI are helping one careless tourists who fell into trouble during a foreign holiday.

The Burrow Trailer (2015)

09 July 2015

KAFKA'S THE BURROW tells the story of a man's "metamorphosis" (as Kafka would put it) in a rapidly changing and increasingly isolated world.

Messy Christmas Trailer (2007)

22 November 2007

A holiday celebration with the extended family gets stretched to the breaking point in this comedy from Germany.

Heart of Stone Trailer (2016)

20 October 2016

Peter and Lisbeth are two young but unfortunate lovers living in a rigid rural community in the Black Forest.

Die Müttermafia-Patin Trailer (2015)

12 April 2015

Nebenwege Trailer (2014)

03 July 2014

Kill Me Trailer (2012)

25 April 2012

A teenage girl helps an escaped fugitive flee Germany into France, after extracting a promise that he will help her commit suicide.

Breakout Trailer (2007)

18 January 2007

Mann im Mond Trailer (2017)

01 December 2017

Mörderische Jagd Trailer (2013)

15 April 2013

Rider Jack Trailer (2015)

20 August 2015

Jack, who has all but failed at life, dreams of a fresh beginning abroad. Instead, he unexpectedly has to take care of his hated father Paul, who he has not seen since childhood.

Clara and the Secret of the Bears Trailer (2013)

05 June 2013

The balance of nature is in danger and only Clara and her friend have the heart to solve the secret of the bears and to break a centuries-old spell.

The Mothers Mafia Trailer (2014)

02 May 2014

A mother is good. Several mothers at once are hell! Conny is 37 years old and has so far let her life being arranged by others - especially by her husband Lawrence.

Tod am Engelstein Trailer (2010)

30 May 2010

Die Literaturagentin Lara Brunn fährt nach längerer Zeit wieder in ihren Heimatort in den Bayerischen Alpen.

Spreewaldkrimi - Mörderische Hitze Trailer (2014)

12 May 2014

Murder on Amrum Trailer (2009)

25 September 2009

Two policemen are stationed on Amrum, a North Sea island on the West coast of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’ – an elder, and one who is several decades his junior.

Eden Trailer (2006)

02 November 2006

Fat German star restaurant chef Gregor shows romantic interest in waitress Eden Drebb. She's happily married to hunky Xaver Drebb, but feels romantically neglected.

Sitting Next to Zoe Trailer (2014)

21 August 2014

The two 15-year-old girls Zoe and Asal are best friends. They are spending their last summer holidays together before the earnestness of life begins.

Das Lächeln der Frauen Trailer (2014)

22 November 2014

Der Kotzbrocken Trailer (2015)

20 February 2015

Der letzte Weynfeldt Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

Marie Brand und der Moment des Todes Trailer (2011)

24 November 2011

Nebenwirkungen Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

Luftbusiness Trailer (2008)

11 August 2008

Looking for easy money, three young dropouts auction themselves on the Internet. One sells his future, one sells his past.

Ich habe es dir nie erzählt Trailer (2011)

26 September 2011

Der Fürsorger Trailer (2009)

29 September 2009

Dead Fucking Last Trailer (2012)

10 July 2012

On the Line Trailer (2007)

24 October 2007

Strähl Trailer (2004)

25 March 2004

Wachtmeister Zumbühl Trailer (1995)

23 November 1995

Schwabenkinder Trailer (2003)

18 April 2003

Der falsche Tod Trailer (2007)

16 April 2007

No overview found.

Katzendiebe Trailer (1996)

20 September 1996

Fredi Rüegg's job is to bring runaway cats (some of which he stole himself in the first place) back to their owners.

Der Nebelläufer Trailer (1997)

30 July 1997