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In 1924, Hamilton was Walt Disney's first hire. He worked on the Alice Comedies, but left the company in 1926 with High Harman and Rudolf Ising to help found the Warner Bros. animation department. Hamilton then left WB in 1930, and then animated for the Harman-Ising Studio until 1939.

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Trolley Troubles Trailer (1927)

05 September 1927

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit runs a trolley, but finds the job is more trouble than its worth in his debut

Toby Tortoise Returns Trailer (1936)

22 August 1936

Toby Tortoise is back, and this time he and Max Hare box instead of racing.

Merbabies Trailer (1938)

09 December 1938

A salt water version of "Water Babies" (1935); adorable redheaded 'merbabies' materialize out of the crashing surf and proceed to the sea floor where they conduct a circus along with a variety of sea creatures.

The Tree's Knees Trailer (1931)

01 August 1931

Bosko the woodsman spurns cutting down trees and plays music instead. The trees and animals dance and make their own music.

Alice the Piper Trailer (1924)

15 December 1924

The rats are out of control in Hamlin; they've taken over the kitchen, but when they take over the King's bedroom, that's the last straw.

Poor Papa Trailer (1928)

05 August 1928

Oswald gets a visit from the stork ... again and again and again. He has to resort to a variety of strategies to stop the continual flow of babies.

Sinkin' in the Bathtub Trailer (1930)

19 April 1930

The film opens with Bosko taking a bath while whistling "Singin' in the Bathtub". A series of gags allows him to play the shower spray like a harp, pull up his pants by tugging his hair, and give the limelight to the bathtub itself which stands on its hind feet to perform a dance.

The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon Trailer (1933)

24 September 1933

Utensils and food dance, sing, and play in the kitchen, until a lump of dough turns into a monster and they all unite to stop it.

Alice Wins the Derby Trailer (1925)

11 July 1925

Alice, Julius, and one other character are in a combined auto/horse race. Julius gets off to a bad start when his car takes off, without him, in the wrong direction; it takes him a while to get it straightened out.

The Mechanical Cow Trailer (1927)

03 October 1927

Oswald wakes up grumpy and takes it out on his alarm clock, afterward trying his best to wake up the mechanical cow sleeping in the bed beside him, with limited success.

The Fox Chase Trailer (1928)

24 June 1928

Oswald is with his mates in a fox hunt, but he finds his horse is stubborn and won't let him ride at first.

Goopy Geer Trailer (1932)

16 April 1932

At a nightclub, the crowd demands Goopy Geer, and the lanky dog doesn't disappoint them. He gives a zany performance on the piano, but the employees and the customers are just as wacky.

Bosko and Bruno Trailer (1932)

30 April 1932

Bosko, carrying his hobo stick, travels along the railroad tracks with his dog, Bruno. Unfortunately, they're both on the tracks as they cross a bridge and realize that a train is coming perilously near.

The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives Trailer (1933)

07 January 1933

Christmas Eve. A poor orphan boy trudges through the snow, pathetically. He finally arrives at his miserable cabin.

Bosko Shipwrecked! Trailer (1931)

19 September 1931

Bosko is shipwrecked on an island where he is chased by a lion and pursued by simian cannibals.

Oh Teacher Trailer (1927)

16 September 1927

Oswald's sweetheart is stolen by a schoolyard bully, so he has to fight him during recess to win her back.

Alice the Fire Fighter Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

When the local hotel is found to be on fire, the firemen (all of them Julius the cat lookalikes), led by Fire Chief Alice, are called in.

Great Guns Trailer (1927)

16 October 1927

Oswald's country is at war, like many other volunters he joins the army and finds himself soon in the trenches.

Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid Trailer (1929)

01 January 1929

Original short that introduced Bosko, never released. Producer-directors Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising showed it to various studio executives as a pilot for the Bosko character.

Ups 'n Downs Trailer (1931)

02 March 1931

Bosko runs a hot dog stand at an amusement park; but he sneaks away to the racetrack to ride his mechanical horse.

Yodeling Yokels Trailer (1931)

01 June 1931

Bosko and Honey yodel happily in the Alps until a series of disasters end with Honey rushing downriver on an ice floe.

Hollywood Capers Trailer (1935)

19 October 1935

W.C.Fields enters the Warmer Bros. Studio. Beans tries to drive in, but the guard throws him and his car against a tree.

Ozzie of the Mounted Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, goes in pursuit of Peg-Leg Pete.

Pagan Moon Trailer (1932)

31 January 1932

On a tropical island, a native boy sings "Pagan Moon" to his sweetheart. Later, he plays music underwater with an octopus-pianist and other jazz-loving sea life.

Lady, Play Your Mandolin! Trailer (1931)

01 September 1931

In this first Merrie Melodie short, things are hopping at a certain Mexican café. And then Foxy walks in and the customers go really wild.

Bright Lights Trailer (1928)

05 March 1928

Oswald would like to see Mlle. Zulu the Shimmy Queen but he's short on cash. Seeing the more stately gentlemen being admitted without tickets, he tries to fool the bouncer into thinking he's important by puffing up his chest and striding in.

Alice's Spanish Guitar Trailer (1926)

29 November 1926

Putrid Pete becomes infatuated with Alice's guitar playing, so he kidnaps her and imprisons her in his castle.

I Love a Parade Trailer (1932)

06 August 1932

A circus parade, to the title tune. Next, a series of sideshow acts: the wild boy, the rubber man, siamese twin pigs, a tattooed man, a hula-dancing hippo, an Indian snake (or goat) charmer.

The Ocean Hop Trailer (1927)

14 November 1927

Oswald the Rabbit enters an airplane race with a makeshift aircraft and ends up riding a dachshund lifted into the air by balloons.

Three's a Crowd Trailer (1932)

10 December 1932

An old man is reading a book by the fire. The clock strikes 8, and he heads off to bed. From his book, Alice in Wonderland, out crawls Alice, who turns the radio to the title tune.

Bosko the Doughboy Trailer (1931)

17 October 1931

Bosko is a doughboy in the Great War.

Bosko and Honey Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

Honey is a music teacher; her pupil is a kitten who hates playing the violin. No matter what she does to correct him, the kitten plays horribly.

Box Car Blues Trailer (1930)

07 December 1930

Bosko and his porcine friend are hobos in a runaway boxcar.

The Ol' Swimmin' Hole Trailer (1928)

06 February 1928

A pastoral outing as Oswald and his friends take in the delights on a swimming hole.

Tall Timber Trailer (1928)

08 July 1928

An Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short, Walt Disney's earlier character, before going on to create Mickey Mouse.

Bosko's Soda Fountain Trailer (1931)

14 November 1931

Bosko is a soda jerk, who gives poor service to a mouse and to his former schoolteacher. Later, he must contend with Honey's bratty kitten pupil.

Bosko's Fox Hunt Trailer (1931)

12 December 1931

Bosko joins a wacky fox hunt. But if the hunt worries anyone, it isn't the fox.

Alice Hunting in Africa Trailer (1924)

15 November 1924

Alice and Julius go on a safari in Africa to hunt wild game, but they get very different results.

Red-Headed Baby Trailer (1931)

26 December 1931

The old toymaker goes to sleep, and his toys immediately come to life and sing "Red-Headed Baby." A red-haired baby doll begins the song.

All Wet Trailer (1927)

31 October 1927

Oswald takes a job as a lifeguard to keep an eye on Miss Rabbit, who in turn stages a boating accident hoping Oswald will come to save her.

Bosko at the Beach Trailer (1932)

23 July 1932

A Bosko cartoon....

Alice's Channel Swim Trailer (1927)

12 June 1927

Julius and Pete have a contest to swim across the English Channel, with Alice as the referee.

Alice Plays Cupid Trailer (1925)

14 October 1925

Julius is a lifeguard at the beach, where he meets and falls in love with a beautiful female cat. Alice decides to help out by driving the car when the two decide to elope.

Gay Gaucho Trailer (1933)

02 November 1933

Brownie the Bear as a young, dapper Gaucho and his adventures as a South American cowboy.

Bosko's Dog Race Trailer (1932)

25 June 1932

A Bosko cartoon....

Alice at the Carnival Trailer (1927)

07 February 1927

Alice and Julius visit a carnival where they ride the rides and take in the sideshow.

I Wish I Had Wings Trailer (1932)

15 October 1932

An expectant father rooster fetches doctor stork, who comes out with a basket full of white chicks and one little black one, who gets crowded out of the food.

Alice the Collegiate Trailer (1927)

07 March 1927

Alice gets a job teaching football at a local college, where the star quarterback is none other than Julius.

Neck 'n' Neck Trailer (1928)

23 January 1928

Oswald takes Miss Rabbit out for a ride in his jalopy and soon finds himself in a race with a chasing police car.

Alice in the Klondike Trailer (1927)

26 June 1927

Julius and Alice go prospecting for gold in the Klondike and strike it rich. However, they have to protect their claim against Pete, who wants to take it for himself.

Harem Scarem Trailer (1928)

09 January 1928

A lost animated short centered on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's disadventures in the Moroccan desert. Some drawings survived and were put together in an animated clip.

Alice Charms the Fish Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

Alice and Julius go fishing where Alice charms the fish ashore with a tune from her flute.

A Great Big Bunch of You Trailer (1932)

12 November 1932

A mannequin in the city dump improvises a piano from the junk to play and sing the title song The various animals and pieces of junk all join in.

Young and Healthy Trailer (1933)

04 March 1933

Warner Bros. animated short featuring the song 'Let's Put Out the Lights (and Go to Sleep)'

Alice's Knaughty Knight Trailer (1927)

01 May 1927

Pete, dressed in a suit of armor, steals away the female that Julius is after. So Julius devises his own suit of armor, made mostly out of junk, to win her back.

Bosko's Dizzy Date Trailer (1932)

19 November 1932

A Bosko cartoon....

Alice Foils the Pirates Trailer (1927)

24 January 1927

Julius discovers that Alice has been captured by Pete and held prisoner on his pirate ship. He sets out to rescue Alice.

Alice's Auto Race Trailer (1927)

03 April 1927

Alice, Julius and Peter enter a road race. Pete, of course, tries to cheat by pulling such stunts as switching road signs, but Julius is on to Pete's tricks.

Crosby, Columbo, and Vallee Trailer (1932)

19 March 1932

An American Indian boy and girl sing and dance in the forest along with the animals. Trouble begins when a fire threatens baby birds in their nest.

Alice the Golf Bug Trailer (1927)

10 January 1927

Alice, Julius and Pete compete in a golf tournament.