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Ang Hapon ni Nanding Trailer (2016)

06 August 2016

Confined to a life that cycles from taking care of his aging, widowed father and phasing through a listless job and day to day routine, Nanding, an introverted bachelor spends his late afternoons at the family farm with a cup of coffee and the fleeting company a young stranger that regularly passes through the property.

Aki Trailer (2016)

16 March 2016

Two distant lives run along each other, one of loss and the other of abuse sharing a bond that transcends space, reality and time.

Si Baning, si Maymay at ang Asong si Bobo Trailer (2009)

12 November 2009

A story of a small seaside neigborhood seen in the eyes of youngsters Baning, her bestfriend Maymay and her brother Paeng.

Nono Trailer (2011)

18 July 2011

a film by Rommel Tolentino.

Niño Bonito Trailer (2011)

16 July 2011

a short film by Rommel Tolentino.

Andong Trailer (2008)

12 July 2008

Six-year-old Andong is obsessed, and nothing, not even his mother’s disapproval and constant nagging can help curve his, somewhat, persistent infatuation.

Angelus Trailer (2006)

18 July 2006

A modern-day parable about a religious old woman whose vulnerabilities are stirred at the arrival of a nosy, meddling housemaid.