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Rosita Quintana (born Trinidad Rosa Quintana Muñoz de Kogan on July 16, 1925) is an Argentina-born Mexican film actress and singer of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. Quintana is remembered for her participation in numerous Mexican films between 1948-1960. She starred in movies like Calabacitas Tiernas (1949), along Tin Tan and Amalia Aguilar; Susana (1951) (directed by Luis Buñuel); El Mil Amores(1954), with Pedro Infante and many others. In 2005, she returned to films with Club Eutanasia. As a singer, she is remembered in notable tangos and boleros, such as Bendita Mentira.

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Viva el chubasco Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

The struggle between two rival families brings many complications into the life of a people. The priest, with the agreement of the women, get a strike of crossed legs until peace is a fact.

Susana: The Devil & the Flesh Trailer (1951)

11 April 1951

The story of a girl of questionable mental stability who escapes from incarceration and ends up at a plantation where she disrupts a working family's daily routines and chemistry.

Calabacitas Tiernas Trailer (1949)

24 February 1949

A man hired to impersonate a bankrupt business mogul who is currently on the run from creditors sets out organize a musical starring beauties from Brazil, Mexico, and Spain in this Spanish-language comedy starring popular funnyman Tin Tan.

Till Death Do Us Part Trailer (1989)

26 October 1989

In the XIX century, Griselda is an actress who knows a pianist named Orlando. He takes her to live at the mansion of Eloisa, his mother.

El hambre nuestra de cada día Trailer (1960)

25 April 1960

Trophy wife of a crooked industrialist meets a philanthropic doctor and develops a social conscience.

Carabina 30-30 Trailer (1958)

25 December 1958

Rom-com set during Mexican Revolution.

Cielito Lindo Trailer (1957)

25 November 1957

Revolutionist and Army General compete for a woman

Ama a tu prójimo Trailer (1958)

23 October 1958

This film tells several short stories that end up lapsing in the emergency room of a hospital, because it is dedicated to nurses.

Dueña y señora Trailer (1948)

20 November 1948

After his wife dies, the master of the house can... maybe... acknowledge that he had children with the houseekeeper.

Me gustan valentones! Trailer (1959)

21 May 1959

While seeking to protect themselves from the aggressions of "Pantaleon" and other men, a landowner marries a Mexican American newcomer.

Amorcito corazón Trailer (1961)

30 March 1961

Comical crises in the household of a newlywed couple.

Donde estás, corazón Trailer (1961)

02 November 1961

Three female singers in the 1920s pursue their careers.

Club eutanasia Trailer (2005)

22 April 2005

¡Ay, Palillo, no te rajes! Trailer (1948)

30 September 1948

Political satire about fixed elections in a small town.

A los cuatro vientos Trailer (1955)

04 June 1955

Career-biography of a fictional ranchera singer, played by Rosita Quintana.

Soy Charro de Levita Trailer (1949)

16 June 1949

Tin-Tan and his carnal Marcelo take over Carmelita baby for a few hours, and suddenly, the three are hired by an employer of the tents, starting the funniest adventures you can imagine.

Una canción a la vírgen Trailer (1949)

08 December 1949

Showbiz family is stressed when wife gets sick and husband starts paying attention to costar.

El zarco Trailer (1959)

14 May 1959

Upperclass girl and notorious bandit leader fall in love. She agrees to "let him kidnap her" so they can be together, but she gets disillusioned when she sees the sordidness of his Camp Of Banditry.

Tres balas perdidas Trailer (1961)

04 May 1961

Three tomboyish farm-girls meet mens and start developing their girly sides.

La santa del barrio Trailer (1948)

25 December 1948

Wicked old lady arranges to sell the virginity of a young neighbor. Her boyfriend gets upset over this.

El charro y la dama Trailer (1949)

28 October 1949

Bratty rich girl plays practical jokes on the man that she'll obviously end up marrying.

Escuela de valientes Trailer (1961)

12 October 1961

Mexican western 1961

Calibre 44 Trailer (1960)

20 May 1960

The film tells the story of two twins separated in childhood who reunite when they are older. One of them has grown between outlaws and has become one of them, a murderous bandit who frightens the region.

El mil amores Trailer (1954)

19 November 1954

Carmen has a daughter, Patricia, who attends a school for young ladies where they think Carmen is married to a sailor.

El valor de vivir Trailer (1954)

02 February 1954

Concert pianist unjustly convicted of espionage. On release, he hooks up with a terminally-ill ballerina.

Yo no me caso compadre Trailer (1960)

26 May 1960

Neither party pf an arranged marriage wants to comply with their parents' expectations, and he & she both come up with plans to sabotage the proceedings.

Ahí vienen los Mendoza Trailer (1948)

01 November 1948

Two brothers "out on the ranch" fight over girls and stuff.

No me defiendas compadre Trailer (1949)

29 October 1949

A bungling wannabe-lawyer keeps interfering in his friend's lives; his desire to help always makes things worse.

La ausente Trailer (1951)

08 June 1951

The English-language title of the Mexican La Ausente is The Absentee. The title is explained within the context of the story, though one has to be patient.

El ángel caído Trailer (1949)

16 June 1949

Two gangsters on the lam end up in Cuba.

Novia a la medida Trailer (1949)

31 May 1949

Door-to-door salesman falls for a young woman, implements hare-brained schemes to separate her from her fiance.

Tú, solo tú Trailer (1950)

13 January 1950

Small-town guy goes to The City to look up his absent girlfriend. He discovers she's become a sex-worker, so he gets a job at a riding stable and meets a new girl.

Dos gallos de pelea Trailer (1950)

27 January 1950

Two small-town hell-raisers get so out of hand the authorities have to step in to rein them in.