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The Bucket List Trailer (2007)

25 December 2007

Corporate billionaire Edward Cole and working class mechanic Carter Chambers are worlds apart. At a crossroads in their lives, they share a hospital room and discover they have two things in common: a desire to spend the time they have left doing everything they ever wanted to do and an unrealized need to come to terms with who they are.

Proof of Life Trailer (2000)

08 December 2000

Alice hires a professional negotiator to obtain the release of her engineer husband, who has been kidnapped by anti-government guerrillas in South America.

A Perfect Day Trailer (2006)

18 December 2006

A family man is warned he has only forty days to live.

Futureshock: Comet Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

A comet hits Ireland, and a bigger one is on its way towards the U.S. where 900 million people have to be evacuated.

Two Golden Balls Trailer (1994)

18 September 1994

A repressed anti-porn campaigner meets a glamorous American porn actress who changes her outlook on life.

My Son the Fanatic Trailer (1997)

21 October 1997

Pakistani taxi-driver Parvez and prostitute Bettina find themselves trapped in the middle when Islamic fundamentalists decide to clean up their local town.

Black and Blue Trailer (1992)

27 September 1992

When a local black politician is murdered an undercover police officer unveils a web of police corruption which puts lives at risk and threatens the whole community.

Romance and Rejection (So This Is Romance?) Trailer (1997)

01 November 1997

Mike is a composer who dreams of creating symphonies but instead, dashes off jingles for TV commercials -- all the while pining over ex-girlfriend Helen.

Darklands Trailer (1996)

16 November 1996

A reporter investigates ritual profanations and finds himself involved with a Druidic cult.

To Play the King Trailer (1993)

21 November 1993

Francis Urquhart, unscrupulous but cunning Conservative politician, managed to become the British prime minister and crush all significant opposition.