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Roy Dupuis (born April 21, 1963) is a Canadian actor best known for his role as counterterrorism operative Michael Samuelle in the television series La Femme Nikita. He portrayed Maurice Richard on television and in film and Roméo Dallaire in the 2007 film Shake Hands with the Devil.

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Mesrine: Killer Instinct Trailer (2008)

22 October 2008

Jacques Mesrine, a loyal son and dedicated soldier, is back home and living with his parents after serving in the Algerian War.

The Barbarian Invasions Trailer (2003)

21 May 2003

In this belated sequel to 'The Decline of the American Empire', 50-something Montreal college professor, Remy, learns that he is dying of liver cancer.

Screamers Trailer (1995)

08 September 1995

(SIRIUS 6B, Year 2078) On a distant mining planet ravaged by a decade of war, scientists have created the perfect weapon: a blade-wielding, self-replicating race of killing devices known as Screamers designed for one purpose only -- to hunt down and destroy all enemy life forms.

Heads or Tails Trailer (1997)

13 March 1997

Heterosexual pretending to be gay to keep his work in the world of art, which is not without creating many misunderstandings with his wife and mother.

Bleeders Trailer (1997)

31 July 1997

A man with an unknown disease travels to an island with his girlfriend where his relatives once lived, hoping to find a cure to his illness.

The Forbidden Room Trailer (2015)

07 October 2015

A submarine crew, a feared pack of forest bandits, a famous surgeon, and a battalion of child soldiers all get more than they bargained for as they wend their way toward progressive ideas on life and love.

The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard Trailer (2005)

25 October 2005

In the late 1930s, a young machinist named Maurice Richard distinguished himself as a ice hockey player of preternatural talent.

Shake Hands With the Devil Trailer (2004)

01 January 2004

Canadian Lt. General Romeo Dallaire was the military commander of the UN mission in Rwanda and this movie is personal and, all too true, story of his time there during the genocide of 1994.

Cyanide Trailer (2013)

26 February 2013

Thirteen years old Achille is waiting for his father to return from prison. Will everything go as planned and could the family survive?

Coteau Rouge Trailer (2011)

09 September 2011

That Beautiful Somewhere Trailer (2007)

20 April 2007

A detective teams up with a young female archaeologist to unravel the mysterious death of a 'bog body' found in a native swamp rumoured to have curative powers.

The Sound of Trees Trailer (2015)

03 July 2015

At 17 Jérémie dreams of a life different from the one that awaits him at the family sawmill in the small Canadian town where he lives.

Rock Paper Scissors Trailer (2013)

25 January 2013

Four men are each looking for a way out. Their fates collide one night.

Les Doigts Croches Trailer (2009)

08 August 2009

Pour perpétrer le « vol du siècle », Charles recrute les copains avec qui il a fait les 400 coups.

Truffe Trailer (2008)

03 July 2008

Chaos ensues after global warming transforms a working-class Montreal neighborhood into a world Mecca for truffles.

Machine Gun Molly Trailer (2004)

30 April 2004

The oldest daughter of an impoverished Montreal family, Monique Sparvieri vows to find a way to get out of the ghetto in which she lives.

Feuilles mortes Trailer (2016)

29 July 2016

Five years after an economic catastrophe, the government and banks have collapsed. At a fortified village in rural Quebec, three individuals with very different pasts see their destinies unwillingly intertwined.

Another House Trailer (2013)

18 October 2013

Mathieu Roy's L’Autre maison is an intimate and powerful family drama featuring three generations of great Quebec Actors.

There where Atilla passes Trailer (2016)

29 January 2016

Atilla, a reclusive young man of Turkish origin adopted at a young age by Michael and Julie, a Quebec couple reconciles with his origins and his past thanks to the encounter with Asya, a student visiting Québec.

Dans le Ventre du Dragon Trailer (1989)

26 May 1989

The title of this French-Canadian film translates to In the Belly of the Dragon, but don't assume that it's just another kung fu epic.

The Timekeeper Trailer (2009)

21 August 2009

A l'automne 1964, la construction des 52 derniers milles du chemin de fer du Grand lac des Esclaves est en voie d'achèvement.

Séraphin: Heart of Stone Trailer (2002)

01 December 2002

Séraphin unfolds against the severe and achingly beautiful landscape of rural Quebec in 1889, where young lovers are torn from each other when a bankrupt shopkeeper forces his daughter into an arranged marriage to save his business.

Stranger in a Cab Trailer (2014)

31 October 2014

A Montreal taxi driver falls for a client with a mysterious past.

Seeking the Current Trailer (2010)

13 November 2010

Hydro-Quebec is on the verge of building four new hydro-electric dams. Nicolas Boisclair and Alexis de Gheldere decide to paddle the 500 kilometers of the Romaine River in order to documents the ecosystem before it is forever destroyed.

Jack Paradise (Les nuits de Montréal) Trailer (2004)

20 February 2004

A No-Hit No-Run Summer Trailer (2008)

01 August 2008

Martin is 12 years old and dreams of playing on the neighbourhood baseball team. When he doesn’t make the cut, his father steps in and organizes a B team.

Cap Tourmente Trailer (1993)

27 May 1993

Alex (Roy Dupuis) has a deeply troubled mind. He also has a seriously dysfunctional - not to say incestuous - family.

Les Etats-Unis d'Albert Trailer (2005)

08 April 2005

Manners of Dying Trailer (2004)

28 October 2004

Kevin Barlow (Roy Dupuis) will die on schedule and according to regulations. Harry Parlington (Serge Houde), director of the Cantos execution facility, intends to make sure of it.

Looking for Alexander Trailer (2004)

29 October 2004

The Cop, the Criminal and the Clown Trailer (2004)

24 December 2004

A bungling robber steals and resells for next to nothing a seemingly worthless piece of art that had 50 00$ belonging to a member of the Marseillaise Mafia hidden its framework.

Chili's Blues Trailer (1994)

27 May 1994

This French-Canadian drama takes place just after JFK's assassination and provides insight into the psychological ramifications of that event with its portrayal of a love story between a confused teen and a travelling salesman in a Quebec railroad station.

Being at Home with Claude Trailer (1992)

26 May 1992

It's hard to review this movie without giving anything away. Suffice it to say that it depicts the crime of one member of a gay male relationship and the desperate struggle for the lead character to make those around him understand the reason for his crime.