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​ Samrat Chakrabarti is a British-American actor and musician of Indian descent.

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Equity Trailer (2016)

29 July 2016

Senior investment banker Naomi Bishop’s world of high-power big money is brutal and fierce, and one she thrives in.

Wiener-Dog Trailer (2016)

24 June 2016

Wiener-Dog tells several stories featuring people who find their life inspired or changed by one particular dachshund, who seems to be spreading a certain kind of comfort and joy.

For Here or to Go? Trailer (2017)

31 March 2017

An aspiring Indian tech entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley finds himself unexpectedly battling the bizarre American immigration system to keep his dream alive or prepare to return home forever.

Beyond the Mask Trailer (2015)

06 April 2015

A former assassin tries to redeem himself by becoming a masked highwayman in Colonial America.

Viceroy's House Trailer (2017)

03 March 2017

In 1947, Lord Mountbatten assumes the post of last Viceroy, charged with handing India back to its people, living upstairs at the house which was the home of British rulers, whilst 500 Hindu, Muslim and Sikh servants lived downstairs.

Growing Up Smith Trailer (2017)

03 February 2017

In 1979, an Indian family moves to America with hopes of living the American Dream. While their 10-year-old boy Smith falls head-over-heels for the girl next door, his desire to become a "good old boy" propels him further away from his family's ideals than ever before.

Price Check Trailer (2012)

16 November 2012

Pete is a good guy who used to be cool. Once living his dream in the music industry, he now toils away in the pricing department of a failing supermarket chain to provide for his loving wife and young son.

The Wedding Weekend Trailer (2006)

12 December 2006

A group of guys who sang together in a college a cappella group reunite 15 years later to perform at a friend's wedding and discover how their lives have progressed -- and in some cases regressed -- since their college heyday.

The End of Mara Trailer (2016)

02 June 2016

A woman helps her husband break free of a curse that's brought him back from the dead and trapped him on Manhattan Island.

The Waiting City Trailer (2010)

15 July 2010

An outwardly happy Australian couple journey to Calcutta to collect their adopted baby, but on arrival find that the arrangements have yet to be finalized.

The Ladies of the House Trailer (2015)

13 May 2015

A reluctant birthday celebration starts out innocently enough but quickly turns into three men’s desperate fight for survival.

Kissing Cousins Trailer (2008)

06 June 2008

A "relatively" romantic comedy about a professional heartbreaker (and cynical bachelor) who teams up with his attractive cousin from the UK in order to fool his friends into believing he is capable of a relationship.

Ashes Trailer (2010)

30 September 2010

A young Indian man struggles in the inner city of New York to support himself and his mentally ill brother.

Loins of Punjab Presents Trailer (2008)

12 September 2008

A ruthless philantrophist. A bhangra rapper. An over-protected prodigy. A reckless actress. A lovelorn businessman.

Bombay Summer Trailer (2010)

08 October 2010

Bombay Summer explores the fleeting and delicate friendship between three young people in Mumbai, India.

Tempting Adam Trailer (2004)

30 October 2004

Workaholic Lauren reluctantly vows to find best friend Adam a mate. When she receives a gift from a secret admirer she lets her friend convince her it's from Adam.

Peace in Our Time Trailer (2007)

17 October 2007

Peace in Our Time is a political satire about living in the USA under the "sanctuary" of the Patriot Act.