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Sanne Langelaar (Rotterdam, 22 april 1984) is een Nederlands actrice die vooral bekend is geworden door haar tijdelijke rol in Goede tijden, slechte tijden als Sjors Langeveld en door haar rol in Verliefd op Ibiza als Suus.

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Admiral Trailer (2015)

29 January 2015

When the young republic of The Netherlands is attacked by England, France and Germany and faces its own civil war no less, only one man, Michael de Ruyter, can lead the county's strongest weapon, the Dutch fleet.

Der Admiral - Kampf um Europa Trailer (2016)

15 February 2016

Scream Week Trailer (2016)

28 January 2016

Six friends go to party for a week during the "Sneekweek". But they are haunted by a secret from their past.

Tuintje in mijn hart Trailer (2017)

02 March 2017

When a mother reunites her family in Suriname for Christmas, two brothers - one living in Holland, one still in Suriname - have a hard time to get along with each other after a rumor spreads gold was found in their father's land.

Family Weekend Trailer (2016)

18 February 2016

A widower invites his children for a family weekend with the announcement that he has news. He is getting married with a 30 years younger woman.

As If I'm Crazy Trailer (2016)

02 June 2016

When a successful young artist named Benjamin is involuntarily committed, he is completely baffled, for he doesn’t remember anything about what happened.

Fake Trailer (2016)

08 May 2016

An intelligent woman keeps falling for the wrong guy. With her latest lover David and a kilo of cocaine in her purse she barely escaped an arrest.

The Return of the Honey Buzzard Trailer (2017)

22 March 2017

With his familial bookshop on the verge of bankruptcy, Simon finds himself retreating more and more to his cabin in the woods.

Project Orpheus Trailer (2016)

13 March 2016