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Hardwired Trailer (2009)

03 November 2009

After a tragic accident Luke Gibson is left with critical injuries and complete amnesia. A new technological breakthrough from the Hexx Corporation - a Psi-Comp Implant that's hardwired into Luke's brain - saves his life, but Luke soon finds out that this new technology comes with a price and that the Hexx Corporation harbors sinister plans for the new device.

No Clue Trailer (2013)

05 December 2013

A missing person, a beautiful dame, and a hard-boiled detective.

Playing for Keeps Trailer (2009)

18 January 2009

A white woman has an affair with a married African-American basketball star and challenges him for custody of their mixed-race son.

Tribe of Joseph Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

Filmed within the untamed wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, "Tribe of Joseph" is the engrossing story of a wayward preacher who believes he's been prophetically called to restore the Twelve Tribes of Jacob, and the eldest of his kidnapped 'children' who eventually questions his zeal.

Life in a Day Trailer (2006)

10 August 2006

A scientific experiment in rapid-cell growth goes awry when a lab assistant steals the developed serum and injects it into his pregnant girl friend.

Betrayed Trailer (2003)

16 March 2003

The story of a fictional town suffering from an outbreak of severe water contamination.

Kitchen Party Trailer (1997)

08 September 1997

A group of teenagers come together to indulge in that great Canadian pastime, the house-party, and find themselves literally confined to the kitchen trapped by an extraordinary well manicured carpet in the living room.