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Decalogue IX. Trailer (1989)

13 September 1989

Roman and Hanka have a loving marriage, but his impotence has led to her having an affair. The unbearable situation drives Roman to extreme measures both physically and mentally, testing their love and his own will to live.

The Decalogue Trailer (1989)

05 September 1989

This is a series of ten shorts created for Polish Television, with plots loosely based upon the Ten Commandments, directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski.

Decalogue III. Trailer (1989)

07 September 1989

It’s Christmas Eve, and Ewa has plotted to pass the hours until morning with her former lover Janusz, a family man, by making him believe her husband has gone missing.

Jail Bait Trailer (1973)

09 January 1973

Based on Franz Xaver Kroetz's play, which is in turn based on a true story, this film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder tells the story of a very young girl who, after persuading a local boy to become her lover, induces the anger of her father, whose incestuous sexual attentions to her have grown unbearable.

Decalogue VIII. Trailer (1989)

12 September 1989

Zofia, a professor of ethics, is visited by Elżbieta, an American researching the fate of Jews who survived World War II.

Decalogue I. Trailer (1989)

05 September 1989

Krzysztof, a semantics professor and computer hobbyist, is raising his young son, Paweł, to look to science for answers, while Irena, Paweł’s aunt, lives a life rooted in faith.

Decalogue VII. Trailer (1989)

11 September 1989

As a high school student, Majka bore a child, Ania, whom Majka’s mother, Ewa, has been raising as her own.

Lemmings, Part 2 – Injuries Trailer (1979)

03 May 1979

This two-part drama examines the fate of Haneke’s own generation which came of age after World War II.

Summer in the City Trailer (1970)

23 March 1970

The distinguished German writer Uwe Johnson (1934-1984) lived for several years in the 1960s on Manhattan’s Upper Westside.

Cycling the Frame Trailer (1988)

30 August 1988

This is a short film (30min), part documentary part art-film, about the Berlin Wall back in 1988 when West Berlin was still an isolated fiefdom of the capitalist west, located 125 miles behind the Iron Curtain in communist eastern Europe.

Wie man seinen Gatten los wird Trailer (1970)

06 May 1970

Decalogue V. Trailer (1989)

09 September 1989

Jacek, an angry drifter, murders a taxi driver, brutally and without motive. His case is assigned to Piotr, an idealistic young lawyer who is morally opposed to the death penalty, and their interactions take on an emotional honesty that throws into stark relief for Piotr the injustice of killing of any kind.

Lemmings, Part 1 – Arcades Trailer (1979)

02 May 1979

This two-part drama examines the fate of Haneke’s own generation which came of age after World War II.

Die Gartenlaube Trailer (1970)

24 March 1970

Christian Rother – Bankier für Preußen Trailer (1987)

28 April 1987

A Demon in My View Trailer (1991)

23 September 1991

A strangler known as the Kenbourne Killer has been murdering streetwalkers for 25 years. The police set out to track him down.

Mamas Geburtstag Trailer (1985)

17 April 1985

Linie 1 Trailer (1988)

11 February 1988

Film version of the musical by the same name: Sunnie, a girl from the province, comes to Berlin to meet rock star Johnnie who had given her his address after a concert.

Marianne and Juliane Trailer (1981)

04 September 1981

Germany, 1968: The priest's daughters Marianna and Juliane both fight for changes in society, like making abortion legal.

After the Fall Trailer (2000)

16 February 2000

A documentary exploring the aftermath of the Berlin Wall's fall, the film features interviews in English and German with long-time residents and foreign visitors/residents from both sides of the former divide.

Underground and Emigrants Trailer (1976)

25 October 1976

In this film, outspokenly homosexual filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim has documented his encounters with friends in the New York "underground" arts movement, the better-known of whom are William Burroughs (who says nothing for the camera), Andy Warhol (seen in the distance) and Fernando Arrabal (who is interviewed in Spanish).

Die Senkrechtstarter Trailer (1989)

26 January 1989

A comedy directed by Christian Rateuke.

Frau Jenny Treibel Trailer (1972)

01 January 1972

Diary of a Serial Killer Trailer (1969)

18 June 1969

Decalogue IV. Trailer (1989)

08 September 1989

A father and daughter, Michał and Anka, have a unique intimacy, which the college-aged Anka is beginning to feel conflicted about.

Hat die Bibel doch Recht? Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998

Das Paradies von Pont L'Eveque Trailer (1962)

09 April 1962

Waterloo Trailer (1969)

08 October 1969

Unsere Jenny Trailer (1962)

18 July 1962

Decalogue X. Trailer (1989)

14 September 1989

Jerzy and Artur’s father dies, leaving behind a valuable stamp collection, which, they discover, is coveted by dealers of varying degrees of shadiness.

Decalogue II. Trailer (1989)

06 September 1989

Dorota Geller, a married woman, faces a dilemma involving her sick husband's prognosis. Her husband's doctor, who believes in God, sweared about it in vain.

Dichterliebe Trailer (2002)

14 February 2002

In Dichterliebe (2000), a film by Oliver Herrmann based on Robert Schumann’s song-cycle of the same name, the boundaries between song recital and reality blur.

Der Prozeß Mary Dugan Trailer (1960)

08 March 1960

Romulus der Große Trailer (1965)

04 June 1965

1913 Trailer (1961)

09 July 1961

Die kleinen Füchse Trailer (1962)

13 February 1962

Die Wildente Trailer (1961)

11 October 1961

Michael Kramer Trailer (1955)

17 November 1955

Ich liebe dich Trailer (1963)

03 August 1963

Endspurt Trailer (1963)

23 October 1963

Die Rättin Trailer (1997)

14 October 1997

A drama directed by Martin Buchhorn based on the novel by Günter Grass.

Venus im Licht Trailer (1960)

03 October 1960

Die göttliche Jette Trailer (1961)

29 July 1961

Das Haus voller Gäste Trailer (1960)

13 April 1960

Ein wahrer Held Trailer (1961)

09 February 1961

Hava, der Igel Trailer (1966)

18 September 1966

Meine Nichte Susanne Trailer (1964)

27 December 1964

Vivaldi - The Four Seasons / Von Karajan, Mutter, Berlin Philharmonic Trailer (1999)

16 February 1999

Famed conductor Herbert Von Karajan leads the Berlin Philharmonic in a performance of what may be Vivaldi's best-known composition -- "The Four Seasons" -- in this sparkling video.

Die Liebe des Jahres Trailer (1959)

31 December 1959

Der König stirbt Trailer (1965)

27 October 1965

Der Held Trailer (1972)

29 May 1972

Schreib, wenn Du kannst Trailer (1984)

31 December 1984

Decalogue VI. Trailer (1989)

10 September 1989

A teenage postal worker, Tomek, routinely spies on his older neighbor Magda, a sexually liberated artist who lives in the apartment across the courtyard from his.

Am Wannsee ist der Teufel los Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

Young folks from different groups of early 80s subcultures (Punks, Rockers, Poppers) are heading for Wannsee, a local recreation area in West Berlin, where they are getting in conflict with middle-class-citizens.

A.D.A.M. Trailer (1988)

21 April 1988

Anthropologist Tobias Schmidt-Eberbach is about to get married. However, a find of a prehistoric skull on his wedding day messes up his plans.

Feuer für den großen Drachen Trailer (1984)

25 January 1984

Im Sog der Angst Trailer (1992)

04 March 1992

Mit Gewissenhaftigkeit und Würde Trailer (1981)

11 February 1981

Ein typischer Fall Trailer (1978)

15 November 1978