Movie Trailers - September 1983

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Revenge of the Ninja Trailer (1983)

07 September 1983

After his family is killed in Japan by ninjas, Cho and his son Kane come to America to start a new life.

Brainstorm Trailer (1983)

30 September 1983

Two brilliant research scientists have invented a device capable of recording and playing back sensory experiences only to have devastating results when one of them records their own death.

The Big Chill Trailer (1983)

09 September 1983

Kevin Kline and Glenn Close star as Harold and Sarah Cooper, a couple whose marital troubles are put on hold while they host an unhappy reunion of former college pals gathered for the funeral of one of their own, a suicide victim named Alex.

Female Prisoner: Caged! Trailer (1983)

16 September 1983

A young woman who escaped from prison is eventually captured and brought back. The evil warden decides to make her a pet project and tries to break her down with torture, gang rape and by turning her friends against her.

First Name: Carmen Trailer (1983)

04 September 1983

The protagonist is Carmen X, a female member of a terrorist gang. She asks her uncle Jean, a washed-up film director if she can borrow his beachside house to make a film with some friends, but they are in fact planning to rob a bank.

Deathstalker Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

The warrior Deathstalker is tasked by an old witch lady to obtain and unite the three powers of creation - a chalice, an amulet, and a sword - lest the evil magician Munkar get them and use them for nefarious purposes.

Strange Invaders Trailer (1983)

16 September 1983

Charlie's ex-wife disappears, and he goes to where she grew up--a rural town in the midwest--to look for her.

Nightmares Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

A collection of short stories. In one a woman who leaves her house late at night to drive to the store while a killer is loose encounters some problems.

Lucky Luke: Daltons on the Loose Trailer (1983)

30 September 1983

The cowboy Lucky Luke tracks the Dalton brothers who escaped from prison and are seeking refuge in Canada.

Eddie and the Cruisers Trailer (1983)

23 September 1983

Michael Paré stars as Eddie Wilson of the rock band Eddie and Cruisers. The band is at the height of their career in the 1960s when front man Eddie drives his car off a bridge in an apparent suicide -- but the body was never found.

Sadismo - Aberrações Sexuais Trailer (1983)

08 September 1983

In a big city, perverted sexual crimes are happening.

The Seducers of Saint-Tropez Trailer (1983)

27 September 1983

Four friends discover the pleasures of Saint-Tropez.

Şekerpare Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

Mortuary Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

Christie Parson has constant nightmares of her father's death whom died in a swimming pool. Christie's mother thinks it was an accident, but Christie believes in was murder.

Educating Rita Trailer (1983)

21 September 1983

Rita, a hairdresser with a sharp wit, is married to Denny, and at 26 doesn't want a baby. She wants to discover herself -son she joins the Open University.

Overdose Trailer (1983)

04 September 1983

Bilbao. The commander of the Guardia Civil, Evaristo Torrecuadrada discovers that his son Paco of 17 years old is a heroin addict.

Escape from the Bronx Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

A ragtag group of people have to fight extermination squads amid their ruined city.

Brutal Sorcery Trailer (1983)

28 September 1983

The story of demonic possession by black magic where the loyal and faithful taxi driver and husband Alan Chang is dragged into a pit of adultery and despair in his vain attempt to overthrow the bestial influences of 'brutal sorcery' or should I say black magic.

The Honorary Consul Trailer (1983)

30 September 1983

Set in a small politically unstable Latin American country, the story follows the half English and half Latino Dr.

A Night with Lou Reed Trailer (1983)

27 September 1983

A Lou Reed concert at the Bottom Line in New York City, 1983. Tracklist: Sweet Jane, I'm Waiting For The Man, Martial Law, Don't Talk To Me About Work, Women, Waves of Fear, Walk on the Wild Side, Turn Out the Lights, New Age, Kill Your Sons, Satellite of Love, White Light / White Heat, Rock And Roll.

Benvenuta Trailer (1983)

07 September 1983

A passionate affair set against the intense encounter between a film-maker and a novelist. The story begins with young scriptwriter François tracking down the author of a once-scandalous novel.

Beyond Sorrow, Beyond Pain Trailer (1983)

16 September 1983

A man, Jean, is critically injured in a freakish accident. He and Agneta, his partner, must cope with the impact of his injuries and determine a new path for their utterly changed lives.

Going Berserk Trailer (1983)

30 September 1983

John Bourgignon, a drummer/chauffeur engaged to the daughter of a United States senator encounters a sleazy film director, the leader of an aerobics cult, and other crazed characters in the days leading up to his wedding.

Cross Creek Trailer (1983)

21 September 1983

The portrait of a woman who, at the edge of survival, found a world of meaning.

Sadma Trailer (1983)

21 September 1983

A girl laxmi gets involved in an accident while driving a car. After a few days when she regains consciousness, she is unable to recollect anything, and behaves like a six year old child.

Cries of Pleasure Trailer (1983)

23 September 1983

A man invites a woman to his house to live with him, just before the arrival of his wife who is coming back from the insane asylum.

Phaniyamma Trailer (1983)

12 September 1983

Based on a true story, the film depicts the life story of a child widow who grows up facing the unkind treatment that society metes out to such women.

Dark Room Trailer (1983)

17 September 1983

Nakata, an author, resides utilizing the painful memory regarding the death of his partner, whoever life had been cut short a few many years earlier.

Excessive Torture in a Female Prison Camp Trailer (1983)

01 September 1983

The film centers around a Korean family who gets on the bad side of the Japanese during the Japanese occupation of Korea during World War II.

Fire Dragon Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

"Cut-and-paste" transformation of FANTASY MISSION FORCE (directed by Kevin Chu Yen-ping) with new footage directed by Chester Wong Chung-Gwong into a nearly different movie focused on John (Kwan Chung) and Sandy (Lu I-Chan) seeking revenge for men that killed her father and raped her.

Burning Love Trailer (1983)

15 September 1983

A young painter takes up French lessons with an elder lady to ensure he’ll get a grant for a French arts institute.

An Image Trailer (1983)

12 September 1983

"Four days spent in a studio working on a centerfold photo for Playboy magazine provided the subject matter for my film.

Survival Zone Trailer (1983)

22 September 1983

In a post-nuclear world, a happy family of ranchers is beseiged by a roving band of ne'er do well marauders who want to eat the men and mate with the women.

Last Plane Out Trailer (1983)

23 September 1983

An American journalist covering the civil war in Nicaragua falls in love with a beautiful Sandinista rebel.

It Was the Fourth Year of the War Trailer (1983)

12 September 1983

A group of Russian spies are trying to gather an important information about the German forces before the attack of the Soviet Army in this action movie set during WWII.

Forbidden Relations Trailer (1983)

22 September 1983

Based on a true story, a love affair develops between a half brother and half-sister. When pregnancy results and word gets out the public is outraged.

Bade Dil Wala Trailer (1983)

24 September 1983

Amrit's generosity and kindness initially lands him in the bad books of a dancer; then in prison; and then as false son-in-law of a very wealthy man.

The Last Fight Trailer (1983)

07 September 1983

Singer-turned-boxer Andy 'Kid' Clave signs a contract with a shady promoter Joaquin Vargas. But Clave turns against Vargas when the promoter's thugs kill Clave's girlfriend when he thinks about backing out of the contract.

Turtle Dreams Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

Turtle Dreams, produced for WGBH-TV, originally aired September 2, 1983. Shot by Ping Chong. Composed by Meredith Monk, performed by her and her Vocal Ensemble.

Abnormal: The Sinema of Nick Zedd Trailer (1983)

15 September 1983

A collection of the weird and wonderful works of indie film maker Nick Zedd.

Amore tossico Trailer (1983)

01 September 1983

The alienating and repetitive life of a group of heroin junkies in the 1980s Rome.

The Story of the Voyages Trailer (1983)

04 September 1983

In this fantasy with dragons and flying machines, 10-year-old Marta is determined to find her brother who was kidnapped at Christmastime by a fake Saint Nick because the little boy is blessed with the ability to locate gold.

Einer vom Rummel Trailer (1983)

20 September 1983

Film by Lothar Großmann.

Joker Trailer (1983)

25 September 1983

1983 short by Tessa Hughes-Freeland

Die wilden Fünfziger Trailer (1983)

23 September 1983

Uuno Turhapuron muisti palailee pätkittäin Trailer (1983)

30 September 1983

Sweet and Savage Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

A Mondo documentary that juxtaposes footage of death, carnage, and unpleasantness with scenes of inspiring and beautiful imagery.

Hanna K. Trailer (1983)

07 September 1983

A female American Israeli lawyer is defending a Palestinian charged by an Israeli court. It's a tough case because of strong political background.

Krieg etc. Trailer (1983)

06 September 1983

Schatzl's schizophrenic animation of planes and falling paratroopers

Corruption Trailer (1983)

13 September 1983

This is a story about a businessman that "sells his soul" for power. However, he is betrayed by courier/associate and finds himself answering to his formal employee.

Soorakottai Singakutti Trailer (1983)

09 September 1983

Soorakottai Singakutti · Ramanarayanan · AVM Productions · Ilayaraja · Prabhu, Silk Smita, Prameela · Soorapuli · Venkat · T.

Nymphette's of the Wild Sex Trailer (1983)

11 September 1983

Young family on a yacht floating on the waves of the tropical seas, moored to some islets which seemed initially, and while their two daughters playing on the beach, unreasonable parents managed to blow up the boat with him.

When the Mountains Tremble Trailer (1983)

30 September 1983

A documentary on the war between the Guatemalan military and the Mayan population, with first hand accounts by Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu.

Sweekar Kiya Maine Trailer (1983)

30 September 1983

Gopika Sharma lives a middle-classed lifestyle along with her widowed mother in Bangalore. She expresses a desire to sing and is encouraged by her maternal uncle, Dubey, who takes her with him to Bombay along with her maid, Lajjo.

Ich träumte eine Weiße Welt Trailer (1983)

03 September 1983

Film By Herbert Capelle,

The Power of Emotion Trailer (1983)

16 September 1983

The emotion and feelings should not be confused with sentimentality. Emotion is ancient and more powerful than any artistic expression.

Let's Make Laugh Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

shaw production

Hanna von acht bis acht Trailer (1983)

12 September 1983

Vassa Trailer (1983)

12 September 1983

A screen adaptation of the second version of A. M. Gorky’s play “Vassa Zheleznova”. In this family children were taught from the early years to put accent on the word “my”: my ship, my house, my factory… Here they counted the money earned by other people’s labour and could lose a fortune overnight playing cards; here they indulged in utter debauchery and were sneaking on each other; they prayed and engaged in shady dealings in the name of God… Vassa had it all: money, power, clout, brains and grip.

The Devil Fetus Trailer (1983)

07 September 1983

It's Satanic possession and grisly gore galore in the wildly entertaining horror spectacle Devil Fetus! The story concerns the exploits of a rich family and their daughter-in-law's purchase of a mysterious old statue.